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04-02-2013, 05:38 PM
Can you change your contracts with plenty of notice !? Due to fees ! From daily rates to hourly rates instead daily rates don't work for me people are always changing things I do have a review of fees in my policy but don't know where I stand

04-02-2013, 06:03 PM
I went from daily fee's to hourly fee's 6 months after starting, as i realised that the daily fee was not appropriate for the work i was doing.

I simply sent a letter home (however verbally explained when giving the letter) saying that i was giving them 3 months notice of my intention to change the fee system from daily to hourly, and broke down how this would effect their individual charges. I gave the option of changing hours also for example one family who did 8 - 6 everyday but were at home from 4, decided that rather than their fee increase by £4 per day they would collect their child at 4 o'clock everyday.

It is hard whenever you change fee's as some parents will be okay whilst others will not. Have you sat down and worked out what the difference for each family would be daily and monthly. You then need to decide from this information if you are prepared to lose families if the difference is larger than what they currently pay.

I asked parents to let me know by the end of the four weeks of having their letter, whether they were changing their hours, were okay with the increase in fee's or did they wish to give notice as i understood it might not have been acceptable for everyone.

I then made a contract amendment page to be stapled to each contract with the changes noted and signed by all. Made sure to give each family a copy for their records too, and emailed the same to them.