View Full Version : baby sign pictures?

26-01-2013, 02:30 PM
Does anyone know where I can find some printable baby sign pictures to share with parents?

26-01-2013, 04:22 PM
Hi have a look at the makaton website they have free downloads of signs, also the cbeebies website for something special is a good site
to look at there maybe some on there.

26-01-2013, 04:58 PM
Thanks, but their not quite what I’m looking for. I’m looking for pictures that show you how to sign the word, not pictures of the word, if that makes any sense.

26-01-2013, 07:02 PM
Have a look at tiny talk. I used to take children to tiny talk classes and I know they produce sheets with the signs on perhaps someone is selling them on eBay. If you get stuck pm me and I will try and help.

26-01-2013, 07:20 PM
The sing and sign white has some printable signs, I think you have to join to get all he signs. Also, there's a really good vocabulary sing and sign book that I have, I photocopy the pages. It was about £10

26-01-2013, 07:22 PM

26-01-2013, 07:35 PM
I've just got some from eBay...