View Full Version : Advice re Learning Journals and Daily Diaries

22-01-2013, 03:19 PM
Hi all!

I am a newly registered childminder and have just taken on 3 and 6 yo sisters who I look after before school 7:15am-9am. I give them breakfast when they arrive, then we play for about half an hour and then we need to leave at 8am to get to Nursery and School. The thing is I'm finding it hard to meet the requirements of planning, assessments etc within the short time I have them.

Another childminder on here gave me the advice to use their routines as a starting point, but considering they only play here for around 20-30 mins do you think I need to write down structured planning or is it fair to say that really they need some free choice play at this point? How often should I be doing written observations considering the short time they're actually playing here? And should I set up a daily diary for each child? And a Learning Journal? Also, as the eldest is 6 and no longer on the EYFS do I still need to do all of this, as from my understanding once they're onto the NC it should be their school?

What I'm finding hard is getting some solid evidence or observations of ELGs in this short amount of time I see them.

Thanks in advance for all your help,