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21-01-2013, 09:34 PM

Newly registered and due my 1st inspection next week. Have been looking on the forum for tips and ideas etc and feeling a bit overwhelmed if that's the right word.

My house has very limited space but reading posts about 'we always have this and this set out' I'm feeling a bit worried. I don't have the room to have activities like playdoh set up a the time or even something as small as a small world playset, does this matter?

21-01-2013, 09:39 PM
Not at all, I have limited space too a lot of minders I know have separate playrooms etc so was really worried this would affect my grade and overall inspection. However it didn't, I just ensured that I made inspector aware what I have to offer etc. for example we did playdough but this is not something left out all the time we use the table for planned activities then its cleared away. I have a chalk board for mark making in corner of kitchen all the time and children can choose what they play with and books are on offer all the time story times are either when requested and always at end of the day before home time etc. don't panic yourself at the end of the day you are providing a home environment and that is all they will want to see. Good luck. :-)

22-01-2013, 09:49 AM
I know how you feel! A lot of Childminders on here seemed like SUPER CHILDMINDERS when I was just registering, and I found myself thinking 'What do I think I'm doing? These women are so far ahead of me, and sound like they live in mansions!'
I honestly was intimidated, and thought about not even bothering to register.
But, after really reading the posts, they are offering great advice, and I found myself thinking like them- using my small-ish dining room as a playspace and really making the most of my large garden. Every Childminder is different, and I know some that mind from the tiniest flat ever, and have got Outstanding grades from Ofsted.
So dont worry about the space, its the care you give in that space that matters. Good luck!:)

22-01-2013, 10:01 AM
I think what will be important for you is that although you have to have resources put away, it is important to show that children can self select-

So think how can a 24mth old, who has few words, show you they'd like to do playdoh? Are things there to point at? are they labelled with pictures and words?
It can be a good thing to make a simple guide to your resources: You use a photo album or folder and put in photos of your resources you can not have out all the time like play doh, water play etc (and a photo of your local playground, your library etc would be great too if you can manage it) and then children can look through the folder and indicate what they are interested in. If you want extra brownie-points you can also note on each page which EYFS areas of learning they cover so you are using it to self-reflect on whether you have resources to support all areas. (ie: on playdoh you might note for your own reference 'PD + EAD', on a photo of a box of puppets you might label 'EAD + CL' etc or even the aspect too if you really want to go for it... so Playdoh you might label 'PD Moving & Handling... etc)