View Full Version : 2.5yrold who dosent know how to play.

21-01-2013, 09:24 AM
I look after a 2.5yrold whose been coming to me since he was 9 months, he only comes 2 days a week and normally there is somone here to play with but when theres not he dosent know how to play, if somone else like myself or another child is leading the play then he's fine and is sociable and can chat and join in quite happily but when theres only him he just sits with a toy in his hand staring in to space, currenlty he has a person in his hand and is sat in front of the dolls house just making the person go up and down and has been like thsi for the last 10 mins, at home the tv is on all day and on the rare occasion its on here he sits and stares and dosent move so I get the feeling thats all he dose all day at home, how do I teach him to play without constantly leading the play or suggesting the play ie where does the doll sleep, prehaps she needs a nappy change etc, its very sad that he just dosent get how to play without somone telling him. I have tried playing on my own to see if this would show him what to do but he just watches and then sits and stares in to space again when I stop, surley he shouldnt need constant interaction from other people

21-01-2013, 12:34 PM
Maybe toys aren't the thing for him. My DD has never been much into 'toys' as such. She will 'play' for ages though with sensory equipment. Have you tried him with a bowl of dried pasta/beans/rice/water etc and encourage him to scoop/pour/post. Maybe he just needs to explore rather than do role play or imaginative play. What is he like outside? Does he enjoy sharing books with you? Could you make a story/nursery rhyme sack?

21-01-2013, 01:01 PM
I have a 3 and half year old that is exactly the same! Plays great till my son goes to nursery afternoons are more of a struggle as they tend to be quieter as his little sister who comes sleeps and even if she is awake she is too young to play with etc.
He will play if I lead play also or sat with him all the time however just come back from nursery run and he wanted to go out to play. Whilst I am watching from the door and feeding his sister he has played out there better than he would indoors. He lives in a flat so outdoor play is more limited think this seems to have been a key thing in getting him to play alone. However since coming back in he has gone back into his shell.
Sorry cant help much but your not alone on this one would also love some tips:-)

21-01-2013, 01:20 PM
i have a 5yr old who is like this,plays ok with my youngest boys 4 and 5 but if they go up to their bedroom or out to granparents she just mopes about,everthing i get out for her to do is great until i leave her to it and then she stops,drawing ,hama beads ,jisgsaws you name it i get about 10 seconds before she leaves it and asks when are the boys coming back,her dad is very proud of the fact that she owns every disney dvd and she spends her days with dad (wednesday and sunday,she with me the rest of the week till 6.30 at night) watching him on his xbox !!! i need her to learn to play alone so when shes at home she can entertain herself ..even ten mins would be great . my kids can play for hours with a stick and a rock, ive never known anyone find it so hard to play before.
sorry i've been no help at all ,but you are not alone x

21-01-2013, 01:24 PM
What about some confidence building activities such as running, outdoor play, games with balls, soft play centre etc .....really good fun stuff and then start with very small amounts of time to occupy himself.

I think a child like this needs more one to one time and maybe engaging them in 'helping' you, so asking could they help you fold the tea towels etc - making up jobs for them to do, easy stuff but with adult input.

I agree with the previous poster that maybe sensory stuff is worth a go....maybe they haven'd found anything yet that they really like....