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16-01-2013, 09:28 AM
Morning all,

Can I ask please, do you charge if a schoolie goes to an after school club??

I took on a new schoolie in October (who started at this school the same week as coming to me) she went a to a club on a Monday anyway so I haven't charged for it and pick her up at 4 (even though I collect from her school still at 3.15. The school have this year started doing more after school clubs so she now goes to one on Tuesdays too and apparently there's one she also wants to do on a Thursday (but its not confirmed yet). I'm still doing normal pick ups for the other children and then having to go back for her after which I don't mind but I'm wondering if I should still be charging for it as 1) it's cut my hours down and 2) it is doing an extra pick up that I wasn't before, if that makes sense??

16-01-2013, 09:51 AM
I wouldn't pick up from clubs, because it would be unfair on the children I have to have to go on yet another school run. That's a personal decision though.

If I were willing to do them I would still charge because payment is for the space, and if the child wasn't using (paying for) the space I would want to fill it with a child who would.

At the very least I would charge for the club, I would also consider limiting clubs to one a week else you might find that parents will have her at club all the while to save cash

16-01-2013, 10:16 AM
Like previous comment first I would not do a second trip out to pick up another child from club and dragging the other children out again but if I had to I would charge from the end of normal school finish as place is being taken up.

16-01-2013, 11:46 AM
I do pick up from activity clubs as we are only a couple of minutes walk form school so no bother really, and it means my own can go aswell. But I do charge for the time from 3.30 as I am still open, it's their choice to attend club and there are often occasions where the club doesn't run so I need to keep the space open for them. All my families are happy with this, the clubs here are all free so it isn't a matter of cost for them.
I wouldn't do it if I had a longer journey or it was impacting on meals/ home time for other children etc. but at the moment it works for me.

Just to add that I have a minimum set rate for after school care anyway, so they would still pay the full time rather than by the hour. I did this last year as had a couple of enquiries who only needed me for half an hour or so and it's just not worth doing so my minimum fee is for anything up to 5pm, if they stay after that they pay the full set rate.