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14-01-2013, 06:46 PM
Well having been mulling over doing it differently the last week I've decided today on a new course of action ....

I've got two a4 size diaries - one is a page a day, the other a page a week

First one is for detailed big and tiny ongoing obs as they occur daily including reactions to and behaviour around my planned activities (which is listed on Monday's page - my day off.)
There's a column I draw at the side of each page with next steps ideas written alongside every big or little obs. These are casual and ongoing on a daily basis. Any more than a page will be too much to write. (and read - for anyone else )
On the weekend or Monday pages I pull all next steps ideas from last week into a single page for next weeks group plan with stars prioritising urgent attention (i.e. ' As R has separation anxiety- needs extra attention, one to one and cuddles /carrying as much as poss.) also on this plan I will include some kind of flexible or seasonal theme for the week.

Also on these pages I will include conversations with other settings, feedback from mum, staff minutes etc
Extra weekend pages for details of courses , self reflection etc.

I am so fed up with endless big files that never get opened by Ofsted (that I resent filling in)
This way it'll be practical for me, the assistants can see what's what and can add to the obs pages and write their next steps ideas. They can see my self reflection (they can add theirs!) - the whole shebang!

The other smaller diary (a4 page a week) is for routine daily stuff. Nappies, meals, medication, report back stuff for pick up. Only one mum of my ten wants a daily sent home diary so this is to talk them thru lo's routine at the end of the day. Again small writing space stops me writing too much so is do-able and feasible.

On top of this and to show I am doing it and covering all areas, I'm using Sarah's excellent obs tracker (thank you sweetie) each term and dating when each is covered. This goes in the planning file under each name . Also summative assessments go in here (and in the learning journeys) any extra reports, concerns etc in there too.

For LJs I am trying to keep the same scrap book anecdotal feel, with photos and speech bubbles showing what they achieved. Then interspersed will be page print outs of regular formal obs done thru the 2simple app. Linking nicely to the eyfs areas.

I may move into orbit.so too but so far am fazed by the tech!! (also 50% of my
Mums don't use email often enough)

Am excited about this as it's been on my mind with the new eyfs and, altho I got outstanding last time my admin system was onerous and not practical and done just for Ofsted which I refuse to do again.

This way it will actually help me!!! I hope.
Fingers crossed!
Will report back.
Feel like a load's lifted now I've made this decision and filled in for this year so far.

14-01-2013, 07:09 PM
Wow it sounds like you have put a lot of thought into what will work for you! :clapping:

The most important thing, reading Ofsted inspections, is that you are showing that each child is making good progress - or if they are not making progress that they are getting the support they need.

Make sure you use it as reflection in your self evaluation ... and chat about what you are tweaking to make it work better :D

14-01-2013, 07:53 PM
Thanks, I think that consideration (learning development) was the main driving one that got me to try this new system.
This way I will be reading and rereading the mini obs and next steps ideas daily and updating as we go - then every weekend looking back and pulling it together for the following week. They will be foremost in my mind, the books open on the kitchen table to be filled in through the day, rather than as an after thought at the end of the week when I've forgotten the details......

All the different ways of splitting it up were making me work worse and causing anxiety and it felt like I was pushing an elephant.

Basically I feel like I am in control again.
Most important it promises to - as you say- work for me.