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06-01-2013, 09:18 PM
Hi everyone

I am a new childminder and new to the forum I would like some advise about a five year old boy I look after after school, I give him his tea every night but the only things he will eat are chicken nuggets, oven chips and fish fingers. I asked for a list of foods he like to eat From his parents but they only thing they could think of different was pizza. I make my own chicken nuggets which he will eat now but will only eat frozen oven chips we make fresh pizzas but he will only have cheese on doesn't like any form of sauces, I am desperate for some advice on how to encourage some healthy food. All I get from his parents are feed him what he likes :( Thanks in advance

07-01-2013, 08:24 AM
Unfortunately for you he has had 5yrs of eating at home the food his parents have provided and that they are happy for him to have which is not the same as you would like him to eat, he is not going to change his eating habits quickly or easily. You have made one change in that he will eat the chicken nuggets you make, you could try making the pizza with him cheese is healthy you could put a small piece of cut up ham or bacon and suggest he makes a face take a photo for him to keep he may or may not eat the meat but eventually will try it next add tomato or sweetcorn or mushrooms. Does he like pasta try it with a small amount of cheese sauce or a tomato sauce, it doesn't matter if he eats the same thing every night give him what he likes but make small changes, unfortunately we cannot change a lifestyle set by parents to one we want with older children when they start as babies/toddlers they accept that things are different at home and with us.

07-01-2013, 09:44 AM
Thanks I will keep trying, I have a 47 month old that joined us just before Christmas and I don't want her to be the same I do a menus plan each week with a choice of meals and up To now her mum is choosing the same sort of foods as the 5 year old, my own children eat healthily and I really want to help other children to eat healthy too am I expecting to much. X