View Full Version : the intention to remove comditions letter

21-12-2012, 12:40 PM
This letter that all childminder should have received about intention to remove conditions of registration.... reading through am I right in thinking there allowing you to take on as many children as you want as long ad you access and can manage ??? Little confused

21-12-2012, 01:13 PM
No, you can't take on as many children as you want.

The rules are still the same. They are in the EYFS 2012 documents and you have to read through that. The difference is that the rules are now in the document, rather than on your certificate. They still apply though.

This is the latest document detailing the numbers of children you may care for. Exceptions are still available for siblings & continuity of care, but not for new business.

Ofsted | Factsheet: childcare - The numbers and ages of children that providers on the Early Years and Childcare Registers may care for (http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/factsheet-childcare-numbers-and-ages-of-children-providers-early-years-and-childcare-registers-may-c)

This is what it says in the intro:

, in most cases, we will no longer set out the numbers and ages of children that registered providers may care for through conditions of registration. Registered providers may decide how many children they can care for in line with the legal requirements

That's the crucial bit. You can decide how many childre you care for, but it needs to be inline with legal requirements as set out in the EYFS 2012 document. That's the part that specifies numbers.