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17-12-2012, 09:15 PM
I read a lot of threads on hear from 'minders who-quite rightly-get thoroughly peed off with parents of mindees over many different issues.
I wish I could name the parents of the children I look after 'cos they are all fab!
I consider myself extremely luck to care for the families that I have-they all pay on time,drop off and collect on time-and text or ring if they're held up-never complain if I ring to collect an unwell child,work around my 6 weeks holidays throughout the year,take on board any queries/problems/advice I may pass on and always say thank you and show appreciation for what I do.They never forget my birthday,and the whole family-not just me-get Xmas pressies. They confide in me about matters other than the children and we've been invited to christenings, weddings, parties, barbeques etc and I feel honoured that they like me enough to do this.
I do really feel for those 'minders who have problems with the families the care for and I know how very lucky I am.

17-12-2012, 09:29 PM
I'm with you lisa1968, all but one of my parents pay on time and that is the only problem that I get from any of them, I must admit I feel very lucky. I have even been
asked to be godmother to one of my mindees after I had had his older sister before he was born he's now 12 and she is 17 and being my daughters bridesmaid
next year I have been very lucky

17-12-2012, 09:48 PM
Im lucky too, mine all pay on time and are really friendly. They are always sending nice emails and writing lovely comments in their los diaries. After reading some of the horror stories on here I too feel blessed. I wish everyone could feel like this xx

17-12-2012, 10:16 PM
We have good parents. I think we only have one that Im afraid I wont miss come when he leaves the end of the week. I find his mum such hard work. Changed her mind every week about how she wanted her son cared for. Somedays she would stay and chat for ages other days would hardly say a thing.

We do have another mum who is useless at paying on time but she is lovely and her son is adoreable (when he isnt being grumpy)

The Juggler
17-12-2012, 10:26 PM
i too am truly blessed with my parents at the moment. tonight one of them was stuck in gridlock on the motorway. I got a call before pick up, regular updates. They were 2 hours late in the end but couldn't be helped (other parent was miles away). They were so apologetic and grateful - they NEVER take me for granted and I'd always do what I can to help out. Parents like that are hard to come by.

I just did a xmas newsletter yesterday telling them that the way they make me feel appreciated makes my job so lovely (and I nearly had a little tear when writing it :laughing:) silly old me but it's true.

18-12-2012, 08:50 PM
Its always nice for us to feel appreciated, but I suppose it's nice for them to feel appreciated too-the make our job so much easier!

19-12-2012, 06:29 PM
I too have great parents!

Had the sick bug a few weeks back and was clear to work on the Monday and gave parents the option of sending their child or not. Parent of after school child said they could pick her up to save me the school run and paid me! They did get it back though as the following Friday (when I don't pick her up) I got a panic call saying they had no one to do the pick up could I possibly......? Which I did and didn't charge them!