View Full Version : Best ways of promoting my new homebase setting ?

maggie fox
06-12-2012, 09:49 PM
Hi i have been a registered childminder for over twenty years I have just moved into the tewkesbury area from London.
I need to find the best way to let prospective parents now that im here and available for work, I am struggling as i am not linked into the local primary school.
I need the best way to advertise etc which i have never needed to do previously any advice would be gratefully received :jump for joy:

07-12-2012, 10:42 AM
I moved to new area and then registered as a childminder so no contacts!

I have registered on every free web site that I could find including Yell and Google so that now if you Google 'childminder' and my town I come up on the first page. I have also set up a Facebook page as a childminder and have lots of photos of my setting and also kids playing outside, in the park, down the beach and with messy play.

I have car magnets that I got from Vistaprint and even though I would rather walk to the school I sometimes drive there early and sit for ages so my name gets seen.

I also paid to go on Childcare.co.uk.

I am now nearly full of under 5's but would like more after school children if I could get them.

I've had the most business from Facebook, followed by Childcare.co.uk and some calls via Yell and Google searches.

Good luck!