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27-11-2012, 12:35 PM
After one of my parents sent 3 post it notes in to me the other day I have written a letter to parents to get some input into LJ's :thumbsup:

But I wanted to add something to let parents know that I'm not pressurising them into watching their children every minute of the day to see what they can do and also I don't want everything written down because I know as a parent you don't have time for this.

Dear Parents,

The EYFS, that was revised in September 2012 is much more focused on ‘Working with Parents’ and in order to get parents input into your child’s Learning Journey I have enclosed some Post-it notes. This helps me to get to know what your child is doing at home so I can offer activities for the interest of each child. One child may enjoy playing with a certain toy or another may really enjoy looking at numbers around the environment. Another child may not be interested in numbers but may show an interest at shapes.
If you have time throughout the year as you notice ‘Wow’ moments where your child has developed a new skill or you notice something different about your child please could you use the notes to add comments. These will be added to your child’s LJ as parent’s comments.
(Please note that one week you may notice a couple of achievements where as you may not have anything to note for a further 4-5 months)
Please see some examples below:

Adam took his first steps today

Sarah fastened her zip for the first time

John seems very interested in numbers at the moment

William saw a car today and said ‘Red’