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27-11-2012, 11:44 AM
How best to give notice
I have a little one temp until may while mum goes to college,., she was an awful
screamer for the first couple of weeks and I nearly gave notice but one day she just stopped. Now she doesn't cry when mum leaves but a while later will start... She is
13 months and has never been minded out of home before (lives with mmum granny and Granads and mums younger siblings) she just isn't a happy child very rarely smiles and is a nightmare to get to sleep. To her credit mum is working on bedtime but naptime is crazy she cries between 10 minutes to an hour and then only sleeps 40 minutes. It isn't enough and she is wrecked but there is no routine for naps at home.

I have a new little one starting in January he is 11 months and I aam concerned now I won't cope as this one is so demanding ., she is teterm time only so won't be here at aall in January which means even if I can get her sorted now she will be hard work again in feb. she is only half days but it wwill mean I have four under four three mornings a week.

Mum is quite clingy and worries a lot but is lovely .. She is so relieved she isn't crying at drop off and I haven't said too much about how she is during the day because I am too, plus I feel it is my job to cope.

But my days are now really difficult and I think I will give notice to finish at
christmas but how? Not sure mum wwill be expecting it at this stage should I drop hints for a few days first?!!

27-11-2012, 01:59 PM
you've got another month yet so little one may settle with you even more by then, is there a chance you could have them both and see what happens? if you cope then great but if you feel you can't then give notice, I would also explain to mum that she starts crying again during the day becasue if you do give notice it wont be such a big shock to mum to hear little on has been crying constantly. As for the naps do you put her down at the same time each day or wait untill shes tired? all of mine just go to sleep when they are tired as routines change all the time, when I see them start to get sleepy I ether put them down or if I nknow they are likely to fight it then we go for a little walk, fesh air does us all the world of good and little one sleeps for much longer int the fresh air too. or prehaps shes just a child who prefers to cry herself to sleep

28-11-2012, 03:23 PM
THanks for advice, I ended up giving notice today and I feel so much better!! Mum took it well, I was honest with her and said she hadn't settled and I would have expected her to settle by now (5 weeks in) and I thought she would be better with a minder who had less little ones as I didn't feel she was getting what she needed from me ... She said Lo was used to a lot of attention at home. Said I would do Til Christmas for her , but to be honest if she gets something sorted before I would be relieved! She cried for half an hour this morning and then over an hour at naptime. Because I have a school run to Do and take them out most mornings I really need them all down at the same time!