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20-11-2012, 10:22 PM
I need some help with a uni task please as I just cant think of anything.

This is the project description,

A team has been brought together to deliver and review a multi professional service for 3 families comprising parents and children who have complex learning difficulties. In each family there is a child of nursery age, and a child of primary school age.

The expectation of the stage is that you will draw up a month by month plan that outlines actions you would take over a period of 12 months.

So what Im needing are ideas of what needs to be put into place to support the families of the children withlearning difficulties.
I know that this seems a bit sparse but this is all we have been given. (EEK!!)

So any help, information, ideas would be greately appreciated.

Thank you.

20-11-2012, 10:58 PM
I have 4yrs experience with caf from previous job as family support worker... in bed at mo on phone so will look tomorrow morn n help xx

21-11-2012, 11:53 AM
ok just read through - its ever so sparse on info!!! what kind of things do they need support with for the learning difficulties? what is it they are struggling with...

RIGHT i hope this helps i will try my best. Im going to sort of give a little example, and not answer it as such for u (mostly cuz its confusing) lol...

so all the actions you want for these families need to be specific, measurable, acheiveable, realistic, time (SMART).

This is really hard not knowing what area as such they need support with!!! So im going to give an example of a family where mum had learning difficulties and struggled with 5 and 3 yr old behaviour.

action1: Discuss with mum what she feels is unacceptible behaviour.
action 2: discuss which of those behaviours are the most important to focus on
action 3 : focus on not eating : mum to sit with little ones at tea time instead of eating on her own in the kitchen so that she is a role model to the children
action 4: focus on running off - danger into the road: mum to use warning/action and consequence "hold my hand while we walk - or i will use the reins if you dont" mum to use reins if child doesnt
action 5: sleeping in moms bed : discuss with mum bedtime routine and what to put into place
action 6: sleeping in moms bed: mum to read story and sit on a chair next to little ones bed until asleep
action 7: " " : mom to do the previous action, but move chair other side of the room untill asleep
action 8: "" : same as previous but with door open and sat outside door


do you get the idea??

with learning difficulties could it be to support the families with putting routines into place? how they can support the child with learning? are there any adult learning courses to support with learning difficulties which they would benefit from to support their children??

sorry if i didnt help :( i hope u get on ok - sounds like u havent been informed of the task properly x

21-11-2012, 02:43 PM
Leanne910 you are amazing. Thank you. What you have written has not only helped me understand it but has also given me some ideas of my own.

Its annoying that we were given such little information about what to do but i will do what I can to the best I can. :D

21-11-2012, 09:09 PM
Ohhhh goody im glad i helped hahaha :) i.must admit i dont miss writing a caf lol what are u studyin x