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19-11-2012, 09:30 PM
Aaaaaagh! Seriously had 1 of those days where you put loads of effort in and just wished I hadn't bothered!

Mindees 4th birthday today and had him all day (apart from when he was at pre school). So I - decorated the room with balloons and banners, bought a cake, present and card, invited his best friend from pre school and his mum for lunch, made party bags up for the 2 boys, asked him last week what he would like to choose for dinner that day and made sure I had prepared it in the morning when he was at pre school (casserole) oh and of course just the usual nice questions, being interested in what he did at the weekend etc. Well in return I had him grunting baby babble type noises most of the day apart from the questions about "why are there balloons, where's my party bag, I want more cake" etc and even telling me I couldn't have my birthday cards up (was mine on friday) because they were too pink - er, it's my house! His friends' mum is painfully shy so that was really hard work. He decided to try and play rough and tumble with friend but cried when friend did it back to him, friend wanted to sit on mums lap and so mindee licked my chairs and threw my sons toys to get his attention so I felt like I was constantly trying to distract him or tell him off, threw a huge tantrum when friend had to leave which woke his brother. Then walking to school he was walking awkwardly and had wet himself! He wouldn't admit it though and I didn't have change of clothes for him with me so he had to walk all the way to school and back wet but then refused to get changed as he said he was dry... er yes, drying off but still urine stained! Then threw a tnatrum about his dinner - the dinner he had specifically asked me to cook! When Mum arrived he then started throwing my toys around and running away from mum. His 17month old brother collected his own shoes and gave them to mum but mum was so busy trying to stop 4yr old (literally) climbing up the wall that she didn't notice. I seriously don't know why I bothered, I am exhausted and annoyed. Even a thank you for trying from mum would have been nice - or thanks for the gift and sorting him out a little party and party bags and cakes and.... grrrrr. Ok rant over - I will eat chocolate now!

19-11-2012, 09:40 PM
i find a small darkened room and a bottle of something boozy helps....

i feel for you

love wibble xxxx

19-11-2012, 09:57 PM
Hope you are feeling better now. It is very disheartning when you go out of your way and its not appreciated.
And your right, sometimes we say why bother. Chin up, tomorrows a new day x

20-11-2012, 07:06 PM
Thanks guys! Didn't get much better today - he even bit another child! On a happier note - a different parent turned up with a bunch of flowers today to say she appreciated me! She didn't even know about yesterday - how lovely!

20-11-2012, 07:19 PM
How lovely to receive flowers off another parent. Certainly makes it all feel worth while. I have a nan who picks up her grandson now and again and when she does she can't stop singing my praises for how much her grandson is coming on and how much I do for her daughter, and she doesn't know where they would be without me. Always makes my day :)

21-11-2012, 07:17 PM
:group hug::group hug: