View Full Version : What do you put in your info folder for prospective parents to view?

19-11-2012, 02:00 PM
Just updating mine:

Sample menu
Sample daily/weekly routine
Copies of CRB's
Copies of certificates
Ofsted inspection
Terms of service
Public liability insurance certificate
Copy of car insurance policy

What else is everyone putting in - do you put copies of all your policies?

19-11-2012, 02:44 PM
I have: (probably far too much lol!)
Benefits of a childminder
My qualifications (my certificates are in a seperate folder)
My Ofsted report
Me and my family
My home and facilities- with copies of my insurance
Activities- list of what we do, resources we have and a few pics
Daily Routine
Food provided- sets out sample meals, snacks, drinks etc, how I work to support weaning/ milk feeds, dietary requirements etc.
Outings- with copies of my car insurance
Policies and Procedures (this is just an explanation about them and a couple as examples, the rest are in a seperate folder)
Record keeping- with a copy of my data protection registration
Opening times
General Information- other adults in the setting (cook and cleaner)
- Eyfs info
- sample newsletter

I don't put our crb's in any more as there is quite a lot of personal info on there, I always show everyone my Ofsted cert as soon as they come in the door and no-one has ever queried it.
I also show them blanks of all the forms and contract that I use, and if applicable EYFS stuff.