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14-11-2012, 09:03 PM
Hi I am working with another childminder but would like some advice about how others in a similar situation deal with issues.

The setting is mine and the co minder works as a child care provider registered with ofsted. All resources, food, paid activities are paid for by me. I pay an hourly rate and lunch is not paid for but morning and afternoon breaks are. She should arrive 1 hour after the setting starts (effectively taking her unpaid lunch hour before the day begins but eats with the children but doesn't leave the setting to keep within our ratios).

- She has a child that she brings to the setting which reduces the amount of children we can have by 1. Do others charge their assistants for having a child at the setting as it is money lost to that space. It might be that she just makes a contribution towards food and outings from her pay. Any assistance on how this is dealt with is appreciated.

- She has another child at a school not local to the setting and needs to go to school to drop off prior to coming to the setting and then collect in the afternoon. In the morning she actually arrives 2 hrs after the setting starts and there is an approx 1.5hr absence in the middle of the day when she picks up from school. One minded child needs to go with her in the afternoon to keep within ratios.

Any support on the best way to address this would be appreciated,


14-11-2012, 11:08 PM

I am sure others wil post brilliant advise for the pros and cons of your situation.

Personally, I think from reading some of the posts on here, the co-minding (especially from your home) could be a nightmare:panic:. Minding with a friend could be terrible:angry:, whereas by employing someone (who you may or not know), may be better, because you would ultimately be in charge could be better:so happy:. Although I could never work with my husband (living with him is bad enough !! LOL :doh: ), I can see that working with your husband or partner would be a better arrangement:thank you:.

:group hug:Good Luck on getting some good advise:group hug:


21-11-2012, 11:04 PM
Hi Kirstie,

It is an ofsted stipulation that childminders must now co mind if any of them will be left with children for more than 2 hrs per day. I would prefer another childminder as an assistant but that is not an option.


22-11-2012, 08:03 AM
Do you have planning permission for more than 6 under 8? Do you have a big enough house? Is it worth increasing your ratios so you can accept another child?

I see so many arrangements like yours that struggle and the childminder would be better off losing a child or 2, staying within their own ratios and losing the assistant.

i suggest you do a proper profit and loss / accounts spreadsheet - maybe over the coming holidays when you have time to sit down and look at it without interruption - and see exactly where your money is going. You might find you are better off without...

Hth :D