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09-11-2012, 09:02 PM
Title says it all really! I had potential parents come this afternoon - visit went well until dad asked why they should chose a childminder over a nursery and could I recommend any locally???? I'm following up with an email so need to sell myself! I said I'm more flexible, baby would have more one on one but felt like I didnt sell myself really :( - help me ladies! x

09-11-2012, 09:17 PM
Have they been to visit any nurseries yet? I usually get parents who have already been to visit and hated them.
Usual comments from parents is that choosing a childminder is like home from home, more relaxed and natural environment, able to take the children to playgroups etc. which they would like to do themselves if they weren't working.
I always mention the lower ratios and time to spend with their child, building up a stable relationship with me, compared to some nursery's with high staff turnover. More flexible with hours.

I hate that feeling after the parents have left of all the things I should of said! I get so tongue tied and babble!

09-11-2012, 09:23 PM
Like you say, we are flexible, offer a more homely feel to their childs day, we do all the things that the nursery do, we take them out on regular outings so they have a better social interaction the child has the same carer throughout their early years and do not have to change rooms as they get older, also staff sometimes move rooms so continuity of care in one room changes anyway ( i know this as my dd works in day nursery and often changes room to a different age.)

Just a few things that you can use in your email:thumbsup:

09-11-2012, 09:44 PM
In my experience of day nurseries near me, there is generally a high staff turnover which is unsettling for a young child who needs to have their PSE needs met. Also I find that having a wider range of ages can really benefit a young child - they learn a lot from their older peers (I'd concentrate on positive ones such as language development rather than answering back lol!) and can gain a sense of belonging more like they would in a family. Also they can use a childminder right the way through early years and then for wrap around care. A childminder could be more able to meet that child's individual needs and tailor themes etc to the childs current interest more easily than having more children in a nursery. Nurseries often have quite strict timetables for sleep etc whereas a childminder can be more flexible to meet the children's needs at the specific times. A childminder can take the children out on regular outings which might not be possible at a nursery. If the child has a sibling at a later date then they can be looked after together in a childminder setting but are more likely to be split in a nursery.

Quite a lot to go on there.... good luck - sell yourself x

christine e
09-11-2012, 10:08 PM
We look after children of different ages (which is like a family group) where children learn from each other instead of being grouped by age and where siblings are looked after side by side. Their child would be looked after by you not a string of different people who work different shifts/days - oh I could go on and on here!

09-11-2012, 10:24 PM
You might find it helpful to look at this and maybe make some notes. I have a page in my Parent Information folder about the benefits of Home Based Childcare along with a disc with the video on. Not sure if you can get them but they were sent out to members.


Well goodness me why has the forum done that!!!!!!!!

If you go the the NCMA web site and click on the Parents information page you will find the video.

hectors house
09-11-2012, 10:41 PM
Obviously as others have said - our setting is more of a home from home, with spur of the moment outings, more flexibility, run by someone with experience of being a parent rather than someone barely older than a teenager. Normally the other children here when parents visit (I select carefully which day they can visit), promote me with their good behaviour, the fact I have had most children from 6 months til they go to school, they can read satisfaction surveys from current parents and leaving surveys and cards from ones who have left. (Other than one I got this week)!

I normally tell them that I am prepared to look after their child if they are slightly under the weather and administer medicines either on prescription or calpol if they sign medicines book in advance and I know my local nurseries won't give medicines of any kind - just really emphasis how many days off they will need to take off work to look after off colour baby when they are teething or have a cold and they will still have to pay nursery. Sometimes mention in passing that a baby room in a nursery reminds me of romanian orphanage - not delibrately being bitchy, just a passing comment if you know what I mean! I also know that in the nurseries locally the baby rooms are on the top floor and mention I don't know how many times the babies go out to play in garden with so many stairs. My latest baby who started this week- his mum visited a nursery after she visited me and chose me, even though the nursery is "outstanding" in every area - according to the banner outside - she said she didn't like it.

09-11-2012, 10:43 PM
The sheer noise of a nursery should put any parent off. It did for me. Could not spend more than five minutes in one. Imagine being there day after day :(

10-11-2012, 07:56 AM
Had he been to visit any nurseries? I suspect not or the differences would have been obvious.

I would explain that young babies need to form secure attachments to their carers and this is much more likely to happen in a home based setting where they are cared for by the same person each day and not by a succession of workers. That where babies are cared for in a mixed age range group at a childminders ( as they would be in a family group) and not segregated according to their age in rooms like in a nursery, they learn from the children around them -what benefit (for the babies) is ther in a group of babies of the same age all in one room? We are much more flexible than nurseries - we can fit in with babies routines rather than babies fitting in with us - at a nursery near me all babies go down to sleep at the same time, every day in the same room - hard luck if you're not tired!

Sorry, rambling on a bit but hope you manage to get your points across.

Miffy xx

10-11-2012, 09:56 AM
Lovely - thankks ladies - lots to go on there x

11-11-2012, 10:40 PM
All I can say is how rude is the Dad asking you this question, when he has come to visit you as a childminder (surely he already knows the answers to his question). What a cheek asking for recommendations for nurseries!

He's taking up your precious time and then asking a question like this.

Unless I was desperate for business, I wouldn't even contact them again.