View Full Version : how do you make it work mixing babies and older children?

08-11-2012, 07:47 PM
Hi, I have been childminding for a year now and like to keep the number of children I look after fairly low as I don't want my house to be overrun with children. This has worked fine until now as I have a new baby who is 9mths and 2 very boisterous 4yr olds who want to run throw kick hit zoom cars etc etc whilst this timid little baby screams and clings to me wondering what on earth is going on. How do you make it work with mixed ages and stay sane?! The older children really struggle to amuse themsleves and concentrate for more than 2 minutes on any activity I set up and any game they play becomes out of control and crazy within minutes. If I get the box of different balls out for the baby to explore the older children are throwing them around the room and using them as missiles. If I try and do painting the baby clings to me and I have to do everything with one hand and rush it all. Is it that some combinations just don't work or am I doing something wrong. With an Ofsted inspection looming I think she will just think my house is completely out of control! Any tips welcome x

hectors house
08-11-2012, 08:38 PM
Just try to make sure you are organised if you want to do craft or painting - the 4 year olds can sit themselves up to the table, pop the 9 month old in the highchair while you get paints, paper, brushes and aprons sorted - then sit at table supervising with baby on your lap, talking to it or reading a book, this is what I have been doing with my new 10 month baby.

Or you could introduce some new house rules with the older children with rewards if they don't throw everything around or run about, ask for their help in amusing the baby - playing boo or singing nursery rhymes. Stick with it, early days yet!