View Full Version : Bank holiday and transferring hours for term time only!!

29-10-2012, 07:46 PM
Hello.. Got myself in a pickle again!! This term time only thing is new to me and now have two parents who actually did want hours this week after all. One is a schoolie and does normally 12 hours a week, this week wanted 19, am glad of money so facilitated a change in hours, realised monday was a bank holiday so just made sure he wasn't here that day as I am off. He is no bother makes no difference to me when he comes as he is 9.

Other parent is new with a 1 year old, she is a Uni student and wants to study this week, has booked little one in for 15 of the 24 hours she usually has, but has booked her in 1030-330 which I thought was fair enough as she doesn't need to be up as early and I sympathise with that! However... A. 5 of her 24 usually hours are Mondays so those are gone and not transferrable right? (hasnt looked for more but just wanted to check) B. it's a pain cos it then makes me overlap the morning and afternoon so doesn't really leave me a spare slot for fitting ad hoc little ones in.

So.. Too late really to undo but would like to do a new policy on transferring hours and bank hols please advise!!

29-10-2012, 08:02 PM
I have it in my contracts that for TTO children their place is not held in school holidays. They can ask but I won't guarantee a space.
I also have it written in all contracts that days / hours contracted are not transferable. A parent can ask but I am within my rights to say No sorry. I'll help genuine parents who don't take the P but otherwise I say No. Once bitten twice shy and all that, parents do have a habit of taking the P.


29-10-2012, 08:24 PM
if shes only booked in for extra this week then next week it will go back to normal if her contract is term time only so the next holidays you will have spaces for little ones again, however if she pays you for holidays and is charged the same as in term time then I would think you have to offer that all year round anyway.
I have a child term time only who normal does 3 days a week, these are her contracted days however the last few weeks they have been booking in extra days as over time but if I have a potential parent wanting these days then they will loose them as they are not their contracted days. obviously I will honor any that are previously booked but once that runs out then its tough .
I also have a child 8-1pm each day but this takes up a full time space really as I have never been able to fill the afternoon space however i dont charge her a full day as I took her on knowing that these would be the hours she does.