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27-10-2012, 12:30 PM
Hello, I currently work with an assistant and we look after the following children.

Mon 1x1yr old, 1x3yr old, 1x4yr old. The 3yr old and 4yr old are at preschool until 11.30am
Tuesday 2x1yr olds, 1x2yr olds, 1x3yr old and 1x 4yr old. The 3 yr old and 4yr old are at pre-school until 12.30pm
Wedneday 2x1yr old, 1x2yr old 1x3yr old and 1x4yr old. The 3yr old and 4yr old are at pre-school until 11.230am
Thurday 1x1yr old, 1x2yr old and 1x4 yr old. The 4 yr old is at Pre-school until 3pm.
Friday 1x1yr old, 1x3yr old. The 3 yr old is at pre-school until 11.30am

My assistant has registered as a childminder in her own home and has just told me that she has a new child starting at her house a week monday, can I care for all the children by myself, on tuesday and wednesday I will have 5 children half day.

Thanks Sarah

blue bear
27-10-2012, 01:13 PM
You can with risk assessments in place and informing all parents. You really need to think about how you will manage all ise children with getting to pre school in bad weather, meal times, nappy changes etc, this all needs to be detailed on the risk assessments. How confident are out about meeting all the needs of all five safely ?