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25-10-2012, 01:00 PM

I can be rubbish at trying to express myself with words and wondered if someone could help me :)

I've found out I'm pregnant :clapping: and even though it's early days I would like to stop doing the school run and just concentrate on my 2 year old daughter and a 2 year mindee without the added stress.

I started to look after one child about a month before the summer holidays (term time only) so she hasn't been with me that long. During the initial visit (June) I stated that my husband and I were trying for a second baby and if I fell pregnant then this will effect the school run. I said as it stands I could pretty much guarantee that I could look after her child until Christmas because if I fell pregnant now then that would be the earliest I could see myself stopping. She seemed happy with this and my notice of one month as per our contract but I said I would give as much notice as possible.

I have given her 2 months notice and I am finishing before Christmas as discussed but she now seems 'surprised' that I am stopping the school run 'early' in my pregnancy as the initial visit was 4 months ago and I will only be 4 months pregnant but I just don't want that stress, especially in the morning and she knows I've been suffering. She thinks it will be difficult to find someone now the school year has started but this was my original plan and she should have been thinking about a back-up plan or not took the place to start with. The only difference is I didn't fall pregnant straight away but would still like to stop around Christmas. It's not like I'm giving up childminding altogether just stopping the school runs.

Part of what she wrote was:

It would of course be very helpful to know if you definitely intend to cease the morning school runs and from which month as making alternative arrangements now the school year has started will be difficult!

I told her verbally last week that I will stop before Christmas and she said do I need to find someone new for January? to which I said 'yes'. Nearly a week later I get this email (maybe she just wants it in writing).

I was thinking something along the lines of:

As it stands I will be ceasing the school run as of January, so my last day will be 20th December. This date could be bought forward due to health reasons and in that case I will let you know as soon as possible.

I hope this won't cause any inconvenience and is more than the one month required for me to give parents and is in line with what we discussed and our initial visit.

I don't want to sound rude but I am just a bit pee'd as I did tell her we were trying for a second baby and that I will probably cease the school run in January and she still decided to take the place and not arrange a back-up childminder not even for holidays, sickness etc which I think is a good idea as I am a back-up childminder for a few parents who like that peace of mind.

Anyway rant over, sorry to go into depth and I suppose it's not a serious problem as I haven't broken the contract. I just don't like being made to feel guilty and I wouldn't want an atmosphere to develop when she drops off her child but I would like to make the point that I have kept to my word and my family and health come before my 'job'. I feel like the only thing I could have done differently would have been to put it in writing in the contract or not took on the contract (but we had been trying 6 months previously and thought we should carry on as 'normal'). Lesson learnt :)