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22-10-2012, 12:07 PM

My garden is on 3 levels, the top being slabs which are a bit uneven, two steps to the second part which is grass with a small pond tucked in a corner. If you can call it a pond its actually more like a mud bath. Two steps to the bottom part which is again grass with lots of trees/bushes and great for den building.

For obvious reasons when I registered I chose not to register the garden until it was sorted. I now plan on taking up the pond, fencing the patio area and flattening it and using just the patio for free play then allowing little supervised adventures to the bottom of the garden just for bug finding etc never free rome.

If I fully risk asses my garden can I do this? I can't find guidelines anywhere on how a garden should be. I do have plants with berrys at the bottom of the garden and a few spiky ones.

Do I need to inform ofsted that I intend to use my garden as I've had my new cert and it no longer says that I can't.

This is my final hurdle before my inspection and I really want to have it ready but I just keep giving myself a headache then going back to ignoring it.

22-10-2012, 06:06 PM
Ofsted have taken off all conditions off childminders registration certificates so you won't need to notify them you are going to use it,

When I had my last inspection my garden wasn't safe as I had ladders and bricks about in there so I told Mrs O that I wouldn't be using it
until it was sorted and she was fine about it and just noted it down, hope this helps

23-10-2012, 07:38 AM
That's great thanks, think I'll write a risk assesment to say that its not in use with actions to complete for when I want it to be used, therefore showing reflection and development lol.