View Full Version : HELP!!! lost and bewildered

20-10-2012, 06:11 PM
Hi ive been registered a few months and i got a call this week from CSSIW to send me some papers. I have been emailed some forms i have to complete and send back and then today two questionaires came through the post for my parents. ( only had children for a month)

Does this mean an inspection is imminent?is this normal? :(

so confused by all this ...forgetting why i wanted to child mind in the first place :(

ive got all my policies , procedures up to date, im pretty good at the paperwork, and the c hildren have daily diaries which i record what they do etc

but im confused about the eyfs. Am i supposed to write reports on the children and put a plan of action in place for them?

please help before i completely loose the plt :panic::(

21-10-2012, 07:07 PM

okay don't panic in wales we don't follow the efys its only in England

you need to fill the forms in and get parents to fill their in and send them back and then they can take upto 3 months to visit
they can try up to 3 times to come unannounced if they can't then they will phone to make an appointment

i am sure someone with more experience will come along and correct me if i have anything wrong