View Full Version : working tax credits??

20-10-2012, 04:49 PM
does anyone else get working tax credits???

my situation is both me and my partner are self employed and are both on a really low income

we started getting tax credits (which we rely on) last year

anyway im august i had my first full time mindee start so i informed tax credits that my income had gone up to just over 5000 a year but mum has noe got relocated with work so its her last day with me next monday :( phoned tax credits again and informed them of the change and my income would be going down to just ovwe 2000 a year (after expences) they said thats fine and id be getting another awards notice sent to me in the post

my tax credits came in as normal last wednesday (350)

on thursday i checked my bank ( i do this every morning) and tax credits had put a further 300 in my account

im confused......why have they put this in my account ive put it in my savings incase its a mistake

anyone else had anything like this?? im fairly new to working tax credits and hvent got a clue how they decide how much you get ??? maybe because my our combinde yearly income is so low ??? my partner earns even less than me

20-10-2012, 05:23 PM
Tax credits do randomly put money into your account when you change something so I would assume that as you informed them that your income has dropped they have reworked out your entitlement and sent you some extra. You will get a notification in the post in the next few days which will explain your new payments. They did this to me when I did my renewal.