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19-10-2012, 01:10 PM
Hi everyone.

I have a problem I took on a little boy three weeks ago he is the grandson of someone I have known at the school for years, basically her daughter has gone into rehab and the nan has been given custody. The social services insisted she had a child minder in place for him while she was at work or he would have to go in care.

The day before I started the nan called the tax credit to get payment for childcare sorted and she was told it could take up to two weeks I did agree at the time to wait the two weeks for payment as there was no other way for me to get paid.

On Monday this week still nothing so I chased her up and she called them up only to be told that they hadn't put the childcare elliment through and the money would be in her account within two days.

Today she was trying to get out of my house at the speed of sound and when I asked her what was going on she just said that she had not checked the bank and she had to run because the social worker was coming to see her.

The bill is now at £400 and I'm getting to the point of refusing to work am I being unreasonable ? If anyone has any ideas on how to deal with this I would be grateful.

Many Thanks

19-10-2012, 01:13 PM

No advice but think with a bill of £400 already run up you are being more than reasonable saying you can't provide care for the child. you did her a favour and she is taking the mick. Take a deep breath and tell her she needs to sort it out today as otherwise you will have no choice but to not care for him on the next day he is due. She will lose custody if she isn't careful!

If you want to be even more reasonable you could offer to take part payment in the interim whilst it is finalised but be firm. Good luck.

Sam x

christine e
19-10-2012, 06:58 PM
Difficult situation and my sensible head says no money no care. IF it was someone I felt I wanted to help then I would say pay as you from now on so if they want you Monday they come with that days money I would then set a deadline for the money owed to be paid be it a week or 2 weeks but no further than that

Hope you manage to sort out


19-10-2012, 07:05 PM
And don't allow yourself to be morally blackmailed. If Nan's priorities don't include any attempt to pay for the child's care, then she is responsible for the consequences. :(