View Full Version : help controlling 5yrold, what to do?

18-10-2012, 06:57 PM
I have just taken on a 8yrold with ADHD and his 5yrold sister, the 8yrold I can deal with and have had no problems sorting his behaviour as yet although he is hard work and needs to be kept an eye on which is to be expected, his sister seemed quite sweet and queit at first but is now finding her feet with the younger mindees. On monday which was their first day she kept telling the 2yrold to sit on the mat in certain places with his legs crossed and not move unitll she was ready the she would read him a book, it seemed to be a game of 'schools', now its sweet that she read to him but she was very controling on where he sat and how he sat but he didnt complain and happily complied , he is a child who will comply with anyone and dosent seem to have the gumption to say 'i dont want to'. Today i had him again and again she kept telling him where to sit and also she would then tell him to wait whilst she 'did her job' then she told him what to do with the pots of stones she was playing with, again being very controlling,, I was observing the play to see what he would do and again he happily complied, I asked him if he was happy playing the game to which he looked a bit upset so I said what would you like to play with, he said potato head so I got them out for him and then had to deal with the 8yrold, when i looked back the 5yrold was asking him if he wanted to play potato head or play her game, he said 'your game' and it was back to her controlling him again.
I am not sure how to deal with this one, on one hand I feel she shouldnt be telling him what to do but on the other he dosent get upset or say he dosent want to play and seems quite happy to comply with what she wants and when I ask him he says he wants to play with her.
do I tell her not to be so controlling or do i let them play this way if they are both happy?
I have tried getting him to play with other things but hes not really interested and just goes back to playing with her