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14-10-2012, 07:01 PM
just wondering once the end of tax year comes are you allowed to send the ncma accounts book direct to the tax people or do i still need to fill in my self assesment tax return form ?

what do other people do it will be my first year doing this

14-10-2012, 07:11 PM
I do mine on line, you need to register with HMRC for self assessment, and they send you a gateway password to set up your
on line account, then fill in the tax forms which you have all your info on you account book you need if you do the short one like I do,
your income and your expenses then submit and it works out your tax and insurance there and then, it is really simple and the answer to
your question is no you can't just send them your account book, you do ned to do the form, but do it on line:thumbsup:

Hope this helps

14-10-2012, 07:42 PM
Yes, what the last post said! But you also need info like any income from other sources that you may need to pay tax on (other property that you let, investments, shares, bank account interest etc, it is all explained online at HRMC), as it is you total income which is taxed, not just your CMing income (hence it is not just what is in your account book that counts). It is pretty straight forward once you get registered and get access to the site, just set some time aside for it and make sure you have all the info in front of you before you start (like the other sources of income). The last page of the NCMA accounts book makes it nice and easy to know what bits to put in for CM income.