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13-10-2012, 02:45 PM
just wounderd how many people dont have a use of a garden

I have a playgarden that is blocked off from my main garden which the mindees normally use but its not usable at the momoment its just like a mud patch ( i didnt mind as my plans where to get the grass up and put down ruber bark after christmas - this wont be happening now as my full time mindee has given notice and it leaving at the end of the month :(

I do have my main garden which ive just had done with paving and slate and i dont mind using this garden and have already moved the sand and water into that garden but thats all thats in it at the moment, in the play garden i have a play house but hasent been used for months as the grouns is just sooo muddy

what other things have people got in their gardens?? i want the kids to have things to play with in my main garden but at the same time i dont want kids toys all over the place, i dont have kids of my own and my garden theme is fairies :D ive got lots of orniments ect

i do have thing such as bats and balls, skips, hoops ect which are stored in my playroom

is this enough???

wen not using the garden we do go out and about to playgrounds, feed the ducks, take the dog for a walk, the l ibrary ect

13-10-2012, 03:02 PM
we have wooden blocks so the children can build with them , on the wall is some guttering so children can roll balls from one peice to the next or water or cars or whatever they find!, I have a big toy kitchen which they 'cook' sand, pebbles, small stones etc in and they use old plastic pots and bottles, the favourite toy is an old peice of hoover pipe which gets used for loads fo different things, talking to each other, rolling the stones thorugh it, pulling each other along on the toys, skipping rope and loads more,, I also have a playhouse and each friday night the children help pack all the ride on toys in to it for th weekend so my garden starts to look my own again untill monday morning

blue bear
13-10-2012, 04:48 PM
In mine we have an hosepipe the children can access, an area for cars and scooters with numbers written in chalk as car parking spaces for them. There is a chalk board on the fence and a piece of plastic (shed window stuff) on the wall which ants have moved in behind so as well as a painting wall it doubles up as a ant nest :D we have several pots which the children have planted in and tend to the plants. Under the tree are a couple of idea canopy leaves that provide shade for the quill lined bread baskets, which is where the outside book basket also is. Just up fro. That is a fence panel with guttering attached, it's our water wall but has various uses.
We have a small plastic play house and a bigger wooden on, we have a corner that is left natural, we don't cut the grass In That corner or dig up leaves, there are rotting logs and various buckets for creepy crawlies, the children have made mini beast pictures laminated them and stapled to the fence, there is an outdoor mirror on the side of the shed. Then there is a digging pit complete with two styles of diggers, big spade, buckets, wheelbarrow etc, next to that is the plastic kitchen with camping pans, cutlery, serving spoons and bottles with water in. Next to that are trays with stones in, great for dinosaurs or just mixing with mud. Then there is an elc sand pit.

We also have a small slide, a bigger slide, tunnels, tool bench, balls skipping ropes, hoops, soft house bricks, small wooden bricks, ball pit, paddling pool oh the list goes on, looking at this think I should have a car boot sale. :D

13-10-2012, 05:11 PM
Some of these gardens sound fantastic! I especially like the ones that have things that are not actual toys. Has there ever been a garden picture sharing thread?

13-10-2012, 10:00 PM
Sounds wonderful !

jaswinder bedi
13-10-2012, 10:11 PM
I have garden with trampoline, big apparatus sand and water play, patch to grow your own vegetable, if the weather is horrible really we don't use it!!!! Slight rain may be. Summer is gone we have to start planning other out door ideas to keep kids busy:D