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hectors house
10-10-2012, 07:32 PM
Meeting my mindees Key worker at his Nursery tomorrow, my mind's gone blank what am I going for (on my day off), what information do I want from them and what information do I give to them?

Mindee has only been going 2 half days since September - so his keyworker isn't really going to know him yet - I did a very detailed 2 year development check so that when he started they knew all his starting points.

I don't really do planning anymore, with so many part time mindees I just go with the flow - today a different mindee talked about his Grandad's bees and brought a bar of bees wax to show us, which led us to having honey and bread and butter for snack, watching Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, a trip to the library to get a kids book about bees and me printing off a hexagon (honeycomb) colouring by letters activity sheet - none of which was planned in advance.

So I can't share my planning with them - other than Autumn, Bonfire night, Winter & Xmas I haven't any plans. Do I take mindees Learning Journal with me and do I leave it there for keyworker to read - frightened it will get lost?

Have never been to this Nursery before as I don't do drop off and collections - only have mindees whole days, am looking forward to looking around (hope I get a guided tour) but just don't know what to expect.

Any suggestions please!!!

hectors house
11-10-2012, 09:56 AM
Hello, hello - anyone out there?

Have got meeting at 2.30 pm so any help or suggestions would be appreciated - don't know why I'm getting in such a state, just don't want to look foolish in front of his teenager key worker!

11-10-2012, 10:20 AM
Im in a similar position, only hve mindee twice a week and has only attends preschool 1 afternoon a week. I met her keyworker for the first time on Tuesday and had a good chat with her. I asked if there were any particular topics they will be doing-as I do the same as you and just go with the flow. She said they also justfollow the childs interests and is only just getting to know mindee, so hasnt done much with her yet. She asked if I had started the 2 year check yet and would I like her, me or do it together. I suggested it would be good to do it together, although she then said she had sent a checklist home with mum for her to tick what LO can and can't do (thought this was our job?) Anyway, hoping to meet with her on an afternoon off to discuss this in more detail. So in answer to your question, I think it may be good to share the LJ, as this is what I plan to do, but I wouldnt leave it there, just let them have a brief flick through. Then obvs record any important info so you can share with ofsted and is good for your own records. I would maybe ask to either see or get an example of how they do their obs/assessments/LJs and ask if theres anything in particular they may work on this term with your mindee e.g numbers/colours. Hope Ive helped a little! Please dont worry, all will be fine when you get there :thumbsup:

hectors house
11-10-2012, 11:33 AM
Thank you Claireabella, I feel more confident now reading your reply - I think I feel scared as I have never been to this Nursery before as don't do pick ups and I was sat with "girls" from this Nursery at an EYFS training session and they didn't seem to "rate" childminders at all. Although I did have great delight in telling them that I have 2 mindees who attend their nursery and they had failed to contact me - so hope I haven't put my foot in it!

hectors house
11-10-2012, 07:10 PM
Meeting went ok today - we sat in the office and discussed how my mindee had settled in a nursery. They are a Highscope nursery - which I had never heard of before, it probably explains why mindees dad (who is an art teacher) thinks the art work mindee does with me is better than Nursery - as they don't believe in helping child do anything, even cutting things out for them to make a specific craft - she did warn me that when they are making snowmen and they have to cut them out themselves, they generally don't look anything like a snowman. She showed me their role play area which is currently a Pizza Shop, but the children have to write their own menus - nothing is printed off as an example for them - found that a bit strange, how can child recognise letters and learn to write if there are no examples?

I gave her a copy of my general planning between now and Xmas, and she said when she does his next review she will make sure I get a copy.

She said they have never had a childminder contact them before and were amazed when I contacted them before he started and offered to do his 2 year development check!

Have written up an account of our meeting and put it in mindees LJ

One down, another Nursery to ring yet - but at least I will know what to expect