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05-10-2012, 02:48 PM
at school

James has just gone into Y3. They have told me for the last year that they will get him tested for SLD (dyslexia) once he does...
only to be told - well flanneled today that

there is no funding available
there are no education physc's to do the evaluations - well there are two and they are over extended
they are 'aware' of James and giving him 'interventions'

in other words the same bull they gave me 5 years ago for Harry

05-10-2012, 03:09 PM
OMG! No funding, whatevers going on with the world! Its really annoying me that parents get told...'we are aware of your child but....' if you're aware then give him some help then!!!!:angry::angry:

My sisters son is waiting for a diagnosis for Autism, we are all pretty much sure he has it but as usual have to wait until someone can assess him. My sister was so desperate she started investigating going private....£43,000 so thats not going to happen is it!

Sorry but I really feel for you, hope he gets some help soon.

Im afraid you have to make a nusceince(?) of yourself though until they get fed up with you ringing them.

05-10-2012, 06:11 PM
Sounds like my ds old school. Here they leave for middle at year 4. When they were came to the end of year 1 it was suggested her daughter may have some issues, Mum had been getting very down ect about coping and so on. For her own health as well they decied to go private even though school would not see it as offical diagnosis! They didn't pay that much Silvermist I have between 7,000-10,000 possibly less in my head and it was in South London. If you would like the details pm me and I'll ask. She was diagnosed with Aspergers and straight away you could see a bit of weight lifted from my friend as she had an answer and something to work with. Anyway school took even longer but the hospital diagnosed the same. She should have a statement but my friend got given so many excuses and it was never started before she left. She now has to wait until April before the new school can. It is almost like they are no longer the schools problem in yr 3.

My ds should of been having Jump Ahead but the last year he went once! New school has already got him started, has found him a handwriting programme and got a care plan, which he never had before. Also after 4 years they were still enlarging the work incorrectly for a partically sighted child.

As I still go to the old school SENCO asked how he was doing, I soon told her how much more they are doing for him.

Good luck Pip, your children are so lucky to have a Mum that will not let things rest and that are always on the look out for them x