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01-10-2012, 09:10 PM
I know we have to check out our own individual planning regulations with our individual council if you want to increase the 6 under 8 's numbers. I have tried to go onto my council site but have no idea what section I am meant to look under or what I can write in an email to the planning department to ask and how specific/what I should ask?

Can anyone help please? thanks:panic:

01-10-2012, 09:48 PM
It might be easier to ring your Planning Dept and ask to speak to a Local Planning officer. Then you can explain in person what you are proposing to do. You need to ask if they require you to make a Planning Application if you increase your numbers from the basic 6 under 8s.

If the answer which you hope it will be, is no, I would ask for the person's name and ask if they would be kind enough to confirm that in writing so you have confirmation for Ofsted.

If they say yes. Then you need to ask them to send you the forms and details of what you have to do. If you do have to have Planning Permission you will have to send in an application that is similar to a building application. The min required is usually and Outline Plan of your house and this should be professionally drawn and the reason you need to change the use of your home from Domestic to Business. They will then send letters to all your neighbours with details of your application and asking if they have any objections. They would be looking at traffic/parking and the impact on the area of your parents cars coming and going and noise among other things.
This application will typically cost around £350 plus the cost of the Outline Plans and can take a few months to go through. The time for neighbours to return objections is something like 21 days, then it depends when the next Planning Committee is.

You would also be wise to check the Deeds of your House as these my actually prevent you from changing the house from Domestic to Business use.

You need to check with your Building Society/Bank if you have a Mortgage because they may not allow a change of use on the house with that mortgage.

You need to get advise from an Accountant if you are able to and want to change the use of your home, to see if there are any Capital Gains Tax implications if and when you sell the house. Also talk with a Conveyancing Solicitor to see what implications there could be if you change the use if you want to sell your house in the future.

It is for all the above reasons and the complexity of taking on /employing an assistant that made me decide it was much better working on my own.

02-10-2012, 05:29 PM
I looked into it a few years ago when dp started working with me and the process was neither easy nor quick nor cheap.

We decided to stick to 6 under 8 ...

I hope your council makes it easier for you :D