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17-06-2008, 07:40 PM
i have had an enquiry from a lady who wants me to look after her 2 y/o from july (or when my registration comes through) but she is only working p/t on a rota basis - so its 10 hours first week, 19 hours second week, then back to 10 again etc etc. thing is i already have my own LO so can only have 2 under 5's and was hoping for them to be full timers or at least easy part timers, am i likely to get anyone to fill the gaps she leaves knowing its not consistant??
i don't know if i'm making sense - if you had 2 LO's doing a morning at nursery then coming to you for the pm then you could just get another who did afternoon at nursery and spent the morning with you and you're no worse off money wise.

would you take it or hold out for something a little easier ???

17-06-2008, 07:46 PM
It depends really. If your area is busy then you can afford to turn stuff away if it doesnt suit you. If not, I would charge for holding the space for her on the shorter week.

17-06-2008, 07:48 PM
Depends - every little helps

It is sometimes hard to get full timers so you might be waiting a long time

Maybe you could do it and work around it with some older children?

Angel xx

17-06-2008, 07:50 PM
As you are just starting out I would say no, because you need the stability of a full timer and you might find the gaps hard to fill ... on the other hand, if you need the work, can you afford to turn it away?

Tough one - you need to speak to your family as well, you will need their support if it's part time and they might have been expecting you to earn more by starting off with a full timer. :D

17-06-2008, 07:52 PM
It depends on what your area is like - are there lots of childminders, are they turning work away or do they have lots of vacancies etc

Sometimes it's nice to just get started even if it's not ideally whta you want

Good luck whatever you decide

miffy xx

17-06-2008, 07:58 PM
my biggest problem is when i start i'll be coming off incapacity benefit - which is £104 per week - i really need to begin with making at least that a week or i might as well wait until september when the kids go back to school and i'll have a few more - from what i've heard i can afford to be a little picky as theres a real need for CM's to collect from the local school - the after school club has a huge waiting list, so even if i don't get full timers in september i'll be able to fill out my income with older kids.

i've told her i'll call when my registration is through, but if she needs someone from 1st july she should look elsewhere still as there's no guarantee when i'll be registered. i think i'll advertise and if i get some more enquiries or holiday work then i might take it... or i might not, i can't make up my mind :laughing: