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17-09-2012, 07:49 PM

I am registered to look after 7 children, 5 in the EYs and 2 x 5-8, and I also have my two children, 3 and 7

We are in the envious position of being full, I even use the variation on 3 days a week, due to current children increasing hours, changing days and a sibling starting

I work with two assistants, so we have a good ratio, 1:2 for the most part

I have just been asked by the mum of a part time child (one day a week) if there was any chance that we could have her daughter full time from mid oct

Now when she dropped off this morning, she asked if she could have a private chat on collection, so, knowing that she has been recently made redundant, assumed this was notice, but she had a job interview and thinks it went well - obviously knows nothing for certain yet

Anyway, our numbers were restricted because of the space in the house, which I can totally understand. When we took on the second assistant to help with the new babies coming in, I didn't ask about increase/change of numbers, thought there would probably be no point

My question is this - how likely is it that Ofsted would allow us to change our entitlement (i know thats the wrong word, just can't think) and increase the allowed numbers, seeing as it is for continuity of care? I know in normal variation circumstances, you can increase EY but with a decrease in older age group

Is this something they are likely to consider or is it going to be a blanket "NO" because of the available space?

Thanks for your thoughts


18-09-2012, 08:21 AM
You need to use the space requirements in the EYFS to work out exactly what you can / cannot do.

I have sent you a more detailed pm :D