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11-09-2012, 07:29 PM
So is anyone using the funding to cover absences? If so how are you doing it - who are you using to replace you!?
My uni sent me a letter on Saturday telling me I need to attend 2 days a week earlier than the start date and 1 on a Wednesday which is not even the day I am supposed to be in on (it supposed to be Thursdays from the 27th September)
I'm really cross and fruastrated - it was a nightmare cancelling childcare on a Thursday I've let parents down and had to rearrange their childcare, some have had to go elsewhere. I also lost a lady that wanted 3 days as I was unable to do the Thursday. Now they tell me that next week I need to be in for 2 days!! What a nightmare. I told them I could attend the Thursday (as the parent that is still left on that day agreed to finish a week earlier) but can't on the Wednesday. They e-mailed back and said I needed to attend and to use my grant for cover!!
I originally looked into this at the time and just couldn't see who or how I could get someone to cover me!
Completely unrealistic.
Anyway I then queried why I hadn't recevied my admissions pack as mentioned in the letter and they said they haven't got my completed application as they are waiting for my qualification certificates. AS I hand delivered these in July and they photocopied them themselves I'm really peed off!
Still waiting on 1 parent to ok me being off next Wednesday as she had to check with work to have the day off. Can't believe my parents have been so supportive - Am I being unreasonable to think the uni has been unfair? I specifically phoned as soon as I got my offer letter to ensure I could know when I was required to go in!!
I am really annoyed that to get a qualification to make me seem more professional I have let parents down left right and centre which must make me seem completely unprofessional!!
Oh and I am yet to sort out childcare for my own children who will need dropping to school and picking up - my youngest is in reception so finishes at 12 -aggghhhh!! (bangs head against wall crying)

11-09-2012, 07:32 PM
I feel for you :( makes you wonder if they have ever had a childminder on the course before :rolleyes:

Miffy xx

11-09-2012, 08:13 PM
yes I am wondering too and I am really panciking about what other information they may have omitted or got wrong!! Like they told me the first part of the course is 6 months and then the second part is the EYPS. so the first part is children /learning/pedagogy etc because I haven't minded very long and my degree is non childcare related. I could even get postgraduate certificate or credits towards masters. woohoo I thought - what a great opportunity but now I have received the letter its talking about a year long progression degree in Early childhood studies. (designed as a top of for those who have done foundation I think)

I will be really miffed if it turns out to be a year long course and I still don't really know how they plan to assess me as a childminder for the EYPS bit.

When I spoke to Best practice they were really clear on how they supported childminders but feel the uni may not have a clue!

11-09-2012, 08:17 PM
Grrrr! I hate that when you sign up for something and then find its not what you thought it was at all.

I hate to say it but it sounds as though you should be there for both days next week if only to try and find out exactly what's what!

Miffy xx

12-09-2012, 08:01 PM
Yes I am panicking because I am always one to do whatever I am supposed to do and don't skive (well not since I was at uni the first time about 20 years ago!) - the lady said I ought to attend the 2 days 'as this includes a thorough grounding in systems, process and also registering for the course.' NO idea what that means....
Still waiting on 1 parent to let me know if she can take day off - really appreciate her taking time off for me but nervous in case she can't as I know she won't have any one else to be there for her.

blue bear
12-09-2012, 08:31 PM
Is there no other childminder that can cover you for that one day?
No one on here near you who has a space?

12-09-2012, 09:29 PM
nope we are all full to bursting and all already have variations in place to accomodate siblings etc. and with children on half days who are about to become FT school. such limited options here. Really worried about the childcare situation here - only about 12 childminders - 3 are having babies and 1 is retiring. The local nursery always has along waiting list and can't expand because its limted by space. Only has space for about 8 children I think.

I did wonder if child could go to pre-school on that day as an extra day but he hates the lady who runs it and will only go on the day she doesn't work which is why he comes to me the rest of the time(!) her hubby is away working and no relatives near. I can't see her agreeing to an alternative perosn even for a day.

I will honour the day if she can't get day off work. I wonder if she's stalling because she wants to appear helpful but actually its inconvenient for her to have to take day off but doesn't want to say. Personally if she said no I don't want to I would understand that - I'd be disappointed, but I am providing a service and the uni giving me a weeks notice to do this shouldn't affect this.

27-10-2012, 11:32 PM
I agree with you for a course that is supposed to be making you more qualified and professional I think they are doing a bad job and should maybe look at their standards before expecting you to correct yours lol but that will never happen.

jumping j
28-11-2012, 08:04 PM
I've just sent in my claim for funding to cover my absences, I'll see if I see any of the money!!
Not holding my breath!!!
My assistant is a registered CM and I've only had to go into uni for a couple of hours once a month so I've been using her to cover my absences.

29-11-2012, 09:22 PM
I am due to start in January and was told a couple of days ago if I can't attend the sessions, they have introduced an online facility for childminders, so that could be useful

10-12-2012, 12:54 PM
ooh thats fab smiley! good luck and let us know how you get on!
Jumping j - how are you getting on with it?? Hope you're doing ok. Haven't found out how to apply for my cover yet so will be doing that later and when I say cover I've been told I can cover my own payments for no longer working Thursdays - will be interesting to see if I get that too!