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little stars ch
07-09-2012, 10:35 AM
what do i really need to keep in an under 5s file ?

i have all about me book

my mind gone a massive blank
some eyfs work that ive done

and for children in full time school whom are 4 and 6 what do i need a file for them ? ive got scrap books so far but wondering if i need to do more
i have a different file for every body contracts/and parent permission forms that have been done

sorry ive got to post and run :(

07-09-2012, 10:45 AM
Work that they have done or photos of them doing it (mine always take their crafts home)
photos of the children doing activities, linked to the 3 or 7 areas.
So in mine Ive got a picture of child in garden playing in tent with others. So in the old EYFS I linked it to PSED, PD, CLL although it can be linked to most areas.
Post it notes of Wow moments like pedalling, putting own shoes on, zips and buttons.
Place for parents to add their views

Nothing for school children - no need making more work for yourself :D Just keep making sure they are developing well through EYFS. All of the play they will do will cover it anyway.