View Full Version : Panto at Christmas

03-09-2012, 09:24 AM
Hi all,

Was thinking of taking all my mindees to panto for their Christmas presents rather than buy them something. Would like to take them all together if possible. Would obviously need an extra pair of hands if I had all of them at one time and we are out and about. Could my sister come and help me or would it need to be another childminder? I have always wondered about whether on trips out I could take another responsible person that isnt a childminder. My sister is a senior carer in a home for young people with severe learning difficulties so she is all CRB cleared. And obviously she would not be left with the children at all on her own, it would simply be so I had an extra pair of ears and eyes.

I probably should know the answer to this as I remember it being touched upon on our ICP but I can't remember the answer :o