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29-08-2012, 06:51 PM

I have had an enquiry from my mindees auntie as she has been hearing nice things about me. Its for an under 1 from April next year. I would love to take this lo on and I have enough mindees at the moment not to take anyone else on so waiting until April would be fine.

The reason I am asking about giving notice (and I know this will sound bad) but I will be having a 14month old 2.30-6.30pm term time and 19month old 9.15-2.15pm on a wednesday. This enquiry will be for 4 days a week full time the same as his cousin.

I don't know whether I want to have 3 under 5. If I gave notice on the two children to take this new one on in April does this make me a bad childminder? Just don't know whether others have given notice for this same reason.



29-08-2012, 07:07 PM
Why don't you see how it goes before thinking of giving notice to them - you need to see how the dynamics work and you may be surprised, it isn't just about 'numbers', some LO's are very hard work for various reasons and others are really easy to care for for various reasons, so don't worry about notice until you know!!! Only you can know how comfortable you feel about giving notice for those reasons - do you live in a small place where people will talk and notice the changes?

Jen x

29-08-2012, 07:15 PM
No I don't.

I gave notice with my old childminder 1. because I could not afford it anymore and 2 because she had soo many children it worried me. (she did have more than I will have and mainly after school)

I still look at childminders now and think blimey they have a lot and feel bad in saying this but my old childminder did take on as many as she could because she wanted the money where as I have always said I will not do that and already my friends are laughing at me as it looks like I am going back on what I said. Does that make sense?

30-08-2012, 12:15 PM
I would see how it goes. :D Once you get to know the children it becomes better.

My busiest day is weds when I have 9 children. I have two EY in the day, then 1 goes home at 3pm before the school run so I have a 3yr old and pick up the school children.
They are 5yrs,6yrs,7yrs,8yrs,8yrs,9yrs,9yrs,9yrs. It may seem a lot to most people but 6 of these older children Ive minded from babies/toddlers so I know them very well.
The older ones are very well behaved and the dynamics of it works really well. They all go to the same school adn they are all friends, some being in the same class. :D
To most people it looks like its too many but I know I can manage them all and wouldn't take them on if I knew I couldn't.

You may surprise yourself and manage really well with it. I love being busy and its not about the money its about the hustle and bustle of a busy household for me :D