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23-08-2012, 07:04 PM
When a mum collected her lo (2.5 year old) today they were just heading off when little one called his mum an idiot. Mum went crazy at the lo and asked him who has said that. He kept saying Idiot to her which upset mum even more. She kept asking him where he had got that word from. Lo said the dvd to which mum said "no you haven't" and asked him again he paused for a while then started going through some names.

Now I have never ever herd any child in our care say this and mum asked us who says it and we can honestly say we don't know. Well she left very angry with the lo. This lo has previously called his mum a silly cow which again has not been said by any child whilst in our care.

So has any one have any advice on this one. Lo knew he was making his mum cross and continued to say it. He likes to get attention by messing around.

We have noted it all down. What else can we do? Havent got him again now till next Tuesday which is a good thing.

23-08-2012, 07:31 PM
I would put together some information about negative attention seeking and share it with the mum.

If she could just learn to ignore him and be consistent he would realise there's no point in carrying on...

You have done the right thing recording it as it is possibly the start of lies being told which could get you into trouble in the future.

Hth x