View Full Version : Baby that was very premature ... Any experience?

18-08-2012, 09:00 AM
Had a lovely lovely couple come to see me last night with their 7 mo little girl,, she was three months prem!!!

They were here over an hour we all got on great (dh was here for a while too) and baby was adorable.. Mum is worried about her being at a nursery as her corrected age is 4 months so development wise she is quite far behind other little ones who would be in the baby room she isn't yet sitting etc

It seems to have been quite difficult to get her into a routine as she has needed such additional care but parents are relaxed and seem like they would be easy to work with and good communicators. They do want her in a routine but she is just coming off breast feeding during the day and has to be rocked to sleep then
Mum seems to find she wakes if she moves her. She is very little and seems like she would need a lot of attention though the other two I have are quite independent and play really well together (i take them out a lot but don't fuss over them a lot at home, we have lots of toys and I do occassional painting etc,. They are two boys aged 19 months and 35 months) so I am a bit worried about her being quite demanding ., can't very well sit under her everytime she wants to sleep can i?!

I imagine it will just take time and if parents are on board it will be easier, and obv nothing in the bag yet though it was very positive ., I don't work Monday's and mum has gone to see if work will give her a four day week ... Would you take this on if offered and have you any experience of prem babies?!!

I really really liked them so am quite keen (also second bit of advice have had conversations on phone for a few weeks now with a mum who wants part time but didn't know what hours... Haven't actually met her yet but she seems to think she has the space but I won't If I take on this other one but won't know Til tues or so... She rang last night with her hours while they were here typical! How do I tell her i don't know if I will have the space?!!)

18-08-2012, 09:32 AM
Baby is 'demanding' with parents as they have the time and the will to meet that.... once with you she will fairly quickly slot into a routine - the baby I had three months ago was sent to sleep by lying with her stroking her face, and after two weeks, happily went off to sleep popped into the travel cot upstairs - you could tuck her into a sling or carrier if you are outside or on the go with the other children and she can watch safely from there - and you know about the development side of things already - some prem babies that early don't walk til they are nearly two and then tire very easily so she may need a pushchair space for longer than other toddlers.....

For the other mum, you will just have to say that the vacancy is no longer available..... she hadn't signed anything or been to see you with any concrete commitment so you will have to say something like.... unfortunately as you weren't able to commit to a contract yet, the place has now gone....... not an easy conversation but hey ho.....

Jen x