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13-06-2008, 07:41 AM
sorry seem to be asking quick questions but dont have much time for answering many so i hope you dont think im to rude :blush: but just a little anoyed at a parent as i have just found out from the child and also found a letter in her bag that says she will be taking a hol for 2 weeks out from my setting.but what im worried about is that mum has not mentioned this to me

and it starts from june 21st this is only acouple of weeks away and hols are supposed 2 be noticed for a min of 2 weeks . what do you think ? she has only been back a month from her last hols and she did pay to keep space open but this time it is with her x . and also if she was to let me no in time i could fill the space x

13-06-2008, 07:55 AM
If she is paying to keep the space open then I would just remind her that 2 weeks notice of holidays are required. If she is not paying then I would invoice her for the dates.

13-06-2008, 08:00 AM
Mine pay when they take holiday and i am still working. I dont charge when i am away. So they can take as much holiday at short notice as they like.:laughing:

13-06-2008, 08:03 AM
I do ask for 4 weeks notice if parents are going on holiday

But I have to be honest I really dont care if they tell me unexpected even a week before they are going

I just make sure they pay before they go so its no skin off my nose so to speak

Angel xx

13-06-2008, 08:12 AM
same as you angel
but it is annoying to find out from the child
i would think it would just be courteous of the mother to let you know what was happening

13-06-2008, 08:12 AM
Yes I agree it is rude of the parent to do this and say if you would not have noticed the note ?

Angel xx

13-06-2008, 08:33 AM
I ask for 4 weeks notice too but to be honest I dont worry if they dont tell me as I get paid in full anyway!

13-06-2008, 08:39 AM
When I used to do 1/2 fee for their holidays I used to ask for notice but i have decided to charge full fee whether they are there or not (except for my holidays -no fee) so I am not so worried about a notice period now.

It depends on what you have in your contract and how you want to run your business.:)

13-06-2008, 02:00 PM
i ask for 4 weeks notice but i do find that i never get four, i tend to get two and thats usually by the child and not parent. It really gets my mad but my hubby just says "well at least you get a week off why u complaining?" men hey!!!!! good luck, xxx

13-06-2008, 03:08 PM
If she is still paying while on hols i wouldnt worry..
i found out from my mindee that mum had a new job.....

13-06-2008, 04:18 PM
um ok thanks every one . think if i had not have found the letter for the school in her bag i would not have known about it . but mindee said i cant wait for not this week but next as im on my hols for two weeks . i will not worry then that she has not told me as of yet .

just that mum said to me months ago that her x wanted to take her on her hols and she said well he can sort time of from school and that himself . dont know if mum would pay to keep place open when dad is taking her out . but if dad doesnt pay then mum will have to as she as signed the contract and not him x ifycwim x just as long as i get my money :D x

13-06-2008, 04:33 PM
Perhaps you should speak to mum just to make sure she understands that the space will have to be paid for when her lo is on holiday even though she is going with mum's ex.

That way you can make sure you get paid before the holiday

miffy xx

19-06-2008, 03:55 PM
mum said this morning oh by the way her dd is going on her hols on tuesday for 2 weeks with her x . i said ok can you write the dates down she said yes then she said that she was also going away to corfu not that i can afford it bearing in mind she has only been back a month from 2 weeks in florida . so i said so you only need me to have her on monday yes she said so i said i will need 2 weeks pay before she goes away and mum said well i will try i dont know if i can afford it :eek: what !

19-06-2008, 04:01 PM
If she does not pay then dont take her back after the holiday:panic:

19-06-2008, 04:23 PM
hope she does pay not only do ineed the money but it would be sad if i had to end it as im getting on real well with the mindee but mum as always tried to wriggle out of paying many times but so far she has paid when i have had to say oh well if you dont pay then i cant keep her place :angry: but i get fed up of keep doing this when she knows whats what ifucwim x

19-06-2008, 04:25 PM
If she values the good care that you give her little one then she will pay up. Not fair on you to have to keep on at her just to get the money she owes you.:panic:

19-06-2008, 07:31 PM
What a cheek!

2 holidays but then says 'she might not be able to afford it', some parents do take the p*ss :angry:

19-06-2008, 08:44 PM
Mine pay when they take holiday and i am still working. I dont charge when i am away. So they can take as much holiday at short notice as they like.:laughing:

Me too the more the better at the moment with some of the children and the moods they are in lol

21-06-2008, 08:11 AM
had a holiday form for her to sign ready on pick up last night but guess what got down school to pick her up and dad was taking her dad said mum txt me at 2pm to let me know . yes thats all well and good but i left my phone at my mums so i didnt get the message .the thing is i only make contact with mum on a monday evening on pick up and friday arrrr !

Heaven Scent
22-06-2008, 11:18 AM
Why do they do it? The parents of my 2 FT midnees had Friday off and they were with me from 7.50-5.30. What got my back up is that dad mumbled at me on Thurs that they might be a bit late on Fri because he was having a day off and didn't want to rush but he wouldn't give me a time so I still had to be up and ready for 7.30 despite the fact that I don't charge them the higher rate for before 8.00 that I state I would charge.

These people take the **** with me - they just want their last drop of blood from me for their £2.25 per hour per child - for 10 hours per day.

He didn't even tell me that the mum was off and I had sent her an email - I only found out about the mum being off when the lO told me that mummy was in bed in her nightie and she an little bro had to be quiet cause mummy is very tired. - I'm pig sick as dad knows full well that I haven't been well for the past 3 weeks and you'd think that he could have picked them up a little earlier on Fri and spent some time with them.

The reason I e-mailed mum was to give her 4 weeks notice in writing of my intention to close for 1 week so I can visit my husband in Spain where he will be working for 5 weeks from this Fri.

I pointed out that this was not yet another family holiday but an opportunity for the children to spend some time with their dad during his 5 weeks away plus it will give them an opportunity to rest after a busy year at school. I said it would give me an rare opportunity to spend some quality time with my children without outside influences (I meant it as a bit of a dig due to their child free days off - I don't understand it I couldn't wait to get back to my children when I worked nor would I have dreamt of leaving them all day on a rare day off - neither would DH). - We will be staying in an apartment in a residential area so the children won't spending hours in a pool with lots of other kids on holiday so it is my opportunity to play board games and go for walks with them etc. Hubbie will be away from there for 3 days so my 2 really enjoy that as we don't have to go out to a bar for a drink. Instead I cook or take them out for something to eat and then we take a walk and come back to the apt and play board games and cards etc etc - things we don't get a chance to do here at home. Hubbies expenses pays for it all - I made him pay the fare too.

Anyway I ended up sending her a text to give them the notice and said I'd sent the email. I also had to put it in writing that I have a dental apt on Wed @ 5.00 to have my tooth out so that dad will turn up on time. I have told him about this the day I made the appointment but he wont have made a note of it. I'm not allowed to ask for my money in writing or remind them when its late in writing but I have to put everything in writing they think I'm their under paid gofor who has to follow every order they give me.

I can just imagine her comments when she got my text - I didn't get a reply!!! I'm saying this from experience as she sent me a reaction to an email I sent saying I hadn't received payment from them or the voucher company - It should have gone to her husband but it came to me instead together with a rather abusive one she sent to me.

I put up with it because they are my main income although if I had two un related part-timers at my hourly rate of £3.50 I would probably earn as much for a lot less hassle as I wouldn't be providing 3 good meals per day plus 2 snacks for the money too. I'm just too frightened to rock the boat. They are due a contract review in Oct so I'm going to be prepared for that. I have parents who pay me £3.50 per hour and there isn't a peep out of them except for the thanks they give me.

Oh I'll stop feeling sorry for myself now and I'm sorry for hijacking this thread.