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23-07-2012, 03:20 PM
I'm supposed to be on holiday but have had a phonecall for a 10m old to start in January.

At the moment I said I had Weds and Fridays free. Thurs are definitely full but Mon/tues I'm confused with the new variation rule.

On Mondays and Tues I already have:
4yr old 8am-6pm (starts school in Sept13)
3yr old 9am-2.50pm
11m old 11am-5pm
so If I had a variation in place for the 10m old it would only be needed between 11-2.50pm (3hrs 50m) During this time we would be in the house as no toddler groups/sch runs etc.

But I'm confused as I think I can only have a variation if its sibling or continuity of care. And the 11m old wont be 12m until Feb meaning I will have two under 1's for a month.
I need to let the parent know what days I have and I've got my head in a blur with all the new rules coming out.

Does anyone know if its just for siblings and/or continuity. Its confusing as I know I can look after the 4 children safely but being that the new child isn't a sibling I probably wont be able to take on the new child.

Could I offer her the weds and Fri to start with and then in Feb when the 11m old turns 12m I could offer her the mon and tues?

23-07-2012, 04:07 PM
Variations are for exceptional circumstances involving siblings and continuity of care ... not for new business.

I am going by what Sarah707 is telling us as she has contact from Ofsted themselves ...

They should only be granted as the exception to the norm - and after a lot of thought and consideration for the safety and welfare of all the children in your care.

Plus continuity of care by definition is about a child who is well settled in the provision - not one who has been there for a day or so.

Hth :D