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23-07-2012, 02:33 PM
Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I have very loud, rude neighbours. Today they have been playing their music very loud, in fact so loud that we couldn't hear each other speak out in my garden, and some of the songs they have been playing contain very explicit lyrics. I have been round and asked them to turn the music down but they just turned it up louder. I have even contacted the environmental health but they take so long to do anything that I feel stuck.

Obviously I don't want to keep the children inside when the weather is so nice so what should I do?

23-07-2012, 02:36 PM
I'd probably be calling 101 (is that the non-emergency number?) and reporting it as anti-social behaviour.
I can't think what else to do other than keep a log of times etc and impact it has on you.
I feel sorry for you, must be awful


23-07-2012, 02:40 PM
If it is council owned then contact the housing officer.
I had the same, father used to shout in the garden at his children using the f and c words...all the time...I had to stop using the garden as he wouldn't stop when I asked him. (luckily have a park very close by) But I stopped using it for at least two summers!! Eventually they were warned by the housing peeps that they had to keep the noise down as it was outside and is classed as anti social.

If private, then I would contact the police about it.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
23-07-2012, 04:37 PM
I have had the same problem in the past but touch wood for the past few months it has been fine, we did have music until 3 in the morning it has been awful. It is privately owed and the chap lives on his own as his dad moved out so we have to wait for the dad to come back and have a word with him.

We went down the same route as you and he bloke got really funny but worse was we tried to sell this year and because we reported him you have to declare it so no surprise we are still here.

The police are not interested at all it has nothing to do with them it is all the councils responsiblity now.

I feel your pain good luck with it.

23-07-2012, 04:42 PM
I would get a diary, make a note of the dates and times they are playing music, when you have gone to ask them to turn it down, also write a letter and keep a log of that, even get recordings on your phone, esp' the ones with rudey words... Also call environmental health, on a daily basis!

I had a similar issue and was advised that if my neighbour didn't stop the music at 7am even after their involvement then his equipment would be taken away... It didn't get that far thankfully, but the fact I had logged everything went in my favour to speed things up.

Edit... Also to add DH is a huge rock fan and has a tonne of guitars and a MASSIVE Marshall amp, so one day when we knew he (neighbour) was in (and asleep, he worked nights so slept in the day) DH had a massive rock out session... only for 30 minutes lol) I think that also helped lol