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13-07-2012, 12:05 PM
:clapping::clapping:Woohoo have just been offered a place on the graduate practitioner pathway for sept!

Very pleased with myself - now for the hard work....

13-07-2012, 04:48 PM
Congratulations!! Where are you studying?

13-07-2012, 07:07 PM
University of herts through the eastern leadership centre
Am excited today but sure there will be times when I am wondering what have I done!

13-07-2012, 07:10 PM
wooohooo :clapping::clapping::clapping:

14-07-2012, 07:00 AM
University of herts through the eastern leadership centre
Am excited today but sure there will be times when I am wondering what have I done!

Am starting at Marjons in Plymouth in September - and I am wondering the same thing - even though I haven't started yet!! :panic:

13-02-2013, 04:57 PM
Well I finished - and passed! :clapping:

Not sure what it will be worth as it will be replaced with the early years teacher status - so although it is supposed to be equivalent it won't be as the new ones will have QTS but am thinking positive... I have never done a qualification yet that hasn't helped me somehow...

13-02-2013, 07:47 PM

Well done.

The current EYPS is equivalent.

However, I don't think the new one gives you QTS but it does give Early Years Teacher status which is what EYPs is equivalent to.

Can we confuse the issue any more????? :eek: give it another year and there will be something else to replace it. :laughing:

13-02-2013, 08:54 PM
Thanks x
I had a letter from my provider saying that
- the new early years teachers will have QTS
- eyfs will be equivalent
- but if we wanted to do QTS we could down the usual routes
In my book that means we aren't the same as we won't have QTS and the new qualification will but who knows what the future will bring!

17-03-2013, 03:54 PM
I didn't think the new one had QTS with it? Is that something your uni is offering alongside?
Huge congratulations for passing. I'm due my assessment in June but struggling to get on and do all the assignments. I've got a week off at Easter so I can crack on but having my own kids home for the week and a list as long as my arm of 'to do' things I'm not sure how I will get on!

29-03-2013, 09:45 PM
It's also my plan to start on assignments over Easter but so many other things to do, decorating, having new bathroom fitted, visiting etc! My DPR is towards the end of May!

The Juggler
29-03-2013, 10:02 PM
well done for passing hon :clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping: new EYT is equivlaent to QTS but doesn't give QTS - so same status as your EYP. Be proud of yourself.

30-03-2013, 07:47 AM
Thanks! I got my certificate through and now am officially an EYP. blue lion & Smiley keep going - it is v tough but once you are through to the end you realise the assessment process isn't actually as tough as it feels when you are doing it - I think the hard part is the sheer workload so keep going - if I can do it, you can x

31-03-2013, 07:18 AM
Thanks Sarah - I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment - I've got 2 of the assignments to write - 1 of which I haven't done the activity for because my work placement girl dropped out - leadership is a real issue for me still! How did you demonstrate leadership across all 3 tasks?

Witness statements I've only had 1 back!

The 2 short written tasks again I actually have to do the practical side before I can write up, 1 I'm doing a diversity audit and associated actions andthe other will be to do with safeguarding/domestic violence policy. portfolio needs some serious cutting as I put everything I could think of in but actually need to wait now to see what I really need supporting evidence for!
Still haven't had my date confirmed for the assessment but it looks like mid/end June so will need to really give a huge amount of consideration to the tour and presentation of my setting - I've got a to-do list as long as my arm! And of course the observation - no idea what to do - I'm sure I will come up with something good. and then there's sorting out having an extra person here to look after the children!

I've got a week off now and a week off in May but with my kids makes it a little harder! I think feeling abit overwhelmed by the mammoth amount of work (I'm also very behind in my scrapbooks and a big sort-out required at home) think is making it seem worse that it actually is and therefore hard to just get on with it!!

03-04-2013, 12:06 PM
Thanks Sarah
I've just had feedback emailed from electronically submitting 6 more bits of evidence so I've now started on assignment A3 which is about multi-agencies, well actually mind not fully on job as a bit upside down as currently having new bathroom tiled and fitted!

03-04-2013, 06:30 PM
My advice would be don't reinvent the wheel. My assignments were all on things I had already implemented in my business. I did,
1 developing outside play, implementing a mud kitchen
2 schemas
3 implementing the two year check
My three 'mop up' tasks were
1 implementing new digital media policy
2 supporting transitions between settings
3 running a childminding support network

For your portfolio I had 2 pieces of evidence in each standard with a front grid that listed each standard with the piece of evidence listed with ticks in all other standards that it hits. Happy to email you this form if you want. Again, I didn't write anything new - just collated information / evidence I already had that demonstrated how imet the standard and annotated them to show the different standards. You will be surprised how much stuff you already have.

Ididnt do a placements have cared for children throughout the 0-5 ages over the last three years. Evidence doesn't have tobe current it can come from the last three years.

Leadership wasn't problem for me - I work with assistants, which is worth considering as it ticks so many boxes and when I started I only had help for 3 hours a morning, 3 times a week (hired them on self employed basis) which was fine. Also I ran a network for childminders - if you aren't part of a network it's worth getting involved in one and taking a couple of sessions where you can share your knowledge for assignments. Eg if you are writing up how your planning cycle works as an assignment you can present this and therefore lead others in best practice.

Hope all helps!

04-04-2013, 08:59 PM
got my assessment date through today!!! 26th June so toward the end of the assessment window. Have not had a productive week despite taking time off to get on with it but wanted to spend some time with my kids and have been knocked out a bit by a stinking cold. My hubby was day off but instead of cracking on I Had a break - even had a sleep this afternoon. feel lots better but feel I may regret it at the end of the week when I have to go back to managing to squeeze studying etc in around work, kids, etc etc!

11-04-2013, 12:33 PM
Pleased to hear you are feeling better Bluelion. I just haven't been getting on although managed to do one assignment when the tiler was here doing new bathroom! I've got day 4 looming next Friday 19th and just received a reminder email today but noticed its now only a half day, my assessment day is towards the end of May, crikey next month so fast and furious!

12-04-2013, 08:26 PM
ooh good luck Smiley! I think I'll be just glad to get it done to be honest! I am trying to rack my brain as to what to do for my observation. Really struggling - think I may be thinking into it too much!

Do you know what you are doing? Think I ought to concentrate on my assignments first!

13-04-2013, 09:48 PM
I definitely need to concentrate on assignments first before I start to panic about what I'll do on assessment day :laughing: