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10-06-2008, 06:17 PM
I've got to have my back fence replaced which is going to cost me about £300. Would I be able to put this through as expenses?

10-06-2008, 06:59 PM
If you would not have replaced the fence unless you were childminding, then you can put it all through...

If you would have replaced it anyway, I suggest you claim for 1/2. :D

10-06-2008, 07:10 PM
I'd say yes on the basis that I was told I can use a grant to get new fence panels so they must class it as a business expense.

Tily Bud
10-06-2008, 07:23 PM
I think I would go with what Sarah advises xx seems sound x

10-06-2008, 07:23 PM
I agree with Sarah

miffy xx

10-06-2008, 08:27 PM
Thanks for the replies.

I probably would of replaced the fence eventually but it's become urgent because of minding so I guess half would probably be acceptable.

Mind you, who knows with the Inland Revenue.

Sue x