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10-06-2008, 12:02 PM
someone wrote that she puts in her policies everything that parents money pays for eg training and activities. I am on df's laptop outside (yes lucky me I know) working on my policies, my laptop is very poorly and all my links are on it. luckily all my work was on the external drive so I haven't lost anything. the wireless is really acting up as taking 5 mins to load a page so if some kind person either has it book marked or can search for it faster than me you will be saving my bacon. I have 2 hours to finish my portfolio to hand in for marking and the in laws are 'popping' round too :angry:

10-06-2008, 01:45 PM
I do a list of what the parent's fees cover if that's what you mean?

If so it's ...

So, what exactly is included in my hourly fee?

This list will give you some idea of what the hourly fee pays for (in no particular order):

 Warm, welcoming and safe environment
 My personal time and care
 Use of toys and equipment
 Child’s Daily Diary – 0 to 3 years
 Time spent planning activities and themes
 Time spent observing children and completing reports
 Time spent attending training courses in evenings and weekends to ensure up-to-date knowledge of childcare and best practice
 Time preparing items ready for arts and crafts, baking, etc
 Shopping for supplies
 First Aider
 Baby signing
 Time planning for meeting Birth to Three and eventually Early Years Foundation Stage
 Wear and tear to home and belongings
 Increased car insurance – business cover
 Increased home insurance
 NCMA membership
 Ofsted annual fee
 Public liability insurance
 Fees for toddler group
 Petrol for trips to library and park, etc
 Wear and tear to car
 Purchase of arts and crafts materials
 Purchase of new toys and equipment such as car seats and booster seats, just recently purchased an outside playhouse
 Purchase of foods and drink for lunch and snacks
 Purchase of cooking, baking ingredients
 Purchase of administrative items
 My wages

Plus much, much more that I haven’t thought to include!

10-06-2008, 02:50 PM
thats brilliant, thanks so much!