View Full Version : Label Makers - Recommendations Wanted

10-07-2012, 08:34 AM
Hi all, I'm thinking about investing in a label maker (I have a secret obsession with filing - lol!!!)

Can anyone please make a recommendation on good ones to buy? Or ones to avoid?

I'm not very technically minded so it needs to be simple to use.

Thanks in advance,


10-07-2012, 08:46 AM
I have this one


and I love it. It's easy to use and the labels look a lot more professional than hand written ones.

I too have an obsession for filing and labelling, everything that doesn't move !

Even the cats look worried sometimes :laughing:

10-07-2012, 09:50 AM
Fantastic, thanks so much, that was the one I was looking at, glad to know it does the job.

And refreshing to know I'm not the only one with a labelling fetish - my husband laughs at me!!


Cammie Doodle
10-07-2012, 09:58 AM
I have just got one from Costco its a Brother P-touch, I love it !!! Sad I know lol

10-07-2012, 10:16 AM
I have an older version of the one posted - I love it!