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08-07-2012, 11:33 AM
I provide as and when care for a few children at the minuet im just putting together a form to inform parents how this type of care works i have included

This care is provided on a if and when basis, I ask for as much notice as possible and once a session is booked verbally then I expect the session to be paid for in full regardless if your child uses the session or not

They may be times that I may not be able to accommodate your needs regarding care

You are not required to give any form of notice if you no longer need me to care for your child

the bit im stuck on is if i need to give notice or not???

my mindees who come every week i have wrote in the contract of care i need 4 weeks notice if they no longer need me and i would give them 4 weeks notice if i needed to terminate their contract

what does everyone else do regarding as and when care

I have onre mindee at the mo mum has just changed to ask and ehrn care but i normally have her every day afterschool but then again they may be weeks that shes not in

what would you do

08-07-2012, 01:00 PM
Must say, I'm not sure about this. I have one 'as and when' child, with another preschooler who'll move into a similar status when she starts reception in September.

blue bear
08-07-2012, 01:37 PM
For as and when children I never seem to give notice as if they ring and I've for space I will have them and if no space then I can't.

I do not keep places open for as and when children they take pot luck.

The arrangement just naturally tails off, I just put no notice required to terminate on contract.

08-07-2012, 02:19 PM
i think im just worried about how the parent is going to react

here is my situation

Parent of mindee came to me mid april and said she would like just as a when care ( shes a nurse student some weeks she needs me for the full week and other weeks she may not just depense on her placement hours) so her child started as and when care a few weeks ago although shes needed me every day afterschool since then)

Just got a phone call for another school run (closer to my home) on a permanant basis ( days to be confimed at viewing tomorrow)

just not sure how to put it to the other parent if i decided to go with this permanant contract as i will no longer be able to collect her child from school (shes a lovely woman but i find her quite in your face and intimadating at times)

how would you deal with it

08-07-2012, 03:22 PM
I wold just tell the other parent that I know longer have space for her child,, if they are not paying for the space then its tough.
I have an adhoc child,, he wanted me this monday which I can do but two other days for which I am full unfortunatly as they dont pay for the space to be kept open then I often have to turn them away,, I wouldnt hesitat to fill all my spaces and not be able to have their child,,
If you feel bad you can always give her the choice of paying for the full week to keep the space open.

blue bear
08-07-2012, 04:05 PM
What did you put on the contract? Does it say as and when and no notice?

Parent has to realise she can't have it both ways, she either pays every week for a permanant place just in case she needs it or she risks you not having space.

Be honest and upfront with her, "I'm sorry but as I have a permanent contract starting on x I will no longer have places for your child, as you know I only had your child when I had room and was not a fixed weekly agreement.

08-07-2012, 05:36 PM
I have one like this and to be honest I think they realise that the space won't be held if they don't pay and are prepared to take the risk. If you were happy to take the ad hoc little one more full time or hold the space for her if she did pay, then you could sell it to her like you are giving her the choice ., tell her you have had a visit from someone who wants the space and you could hold it for her if she paid x amount otherwise you are sorry as per your agreement the arrangement is ending because you have been able to fill it permanently. If you dont want to give her the space and would prefer the new contact just say as per agreement you can't offer her the space anymore cos it is now gone. I suppose it depends on what is in your contract / what was said at the start of the arrangement. Good luck tomorrow!

08-07-2012, 07:31 PM
I sympathise with how you feel. It's an awkward situation to be in. I'm usually quite hard-nosed about the business side of things, but I also know what it's like for shift workers (been there, done that), NHS people, etc.

I provide as and when for my grand-daughter. Her mum is a student midwife. In fact, that's why we moved here, so she could have the truly flexible childcare from me that other settings can't or won't cater for. Otherwise she'd have dropped out of the course - and I'd never have become a childminder, I'd still be getting spat at by passengers. I know she takes up a place permanently, even when it's not needed, and jokingly refer to her as 'my little buggy-blocker', but I also know I'm doing some good there. Besides, it suits me not to run at full capacity all the time, and much as I love her I quite appreciate the days when her absence makes for a quieter, easier day.

It's tricky 'cos we CMs make a big deal of being so much more flexible than nurseries, etc. but then when it comes to the crunch, are we? And where would we be without nurses, or midwives for that matter. You might actually do quite well out of cultivating a reputation for being NHS-friendly, or conversely it might become a PITA fiddly thing you can do without.

It's a decision only you can make.

First thing I'd do is to make absolutely sure you're ok with the new child and the new school run. Nothing worse than dropping a child to make space for one that turns out to be a terror. Might you perhaps end up wishing you could turn back time? Make sure before you commit and burn your boats.

If I understand correctly, you're changing to collect at a different school, right? Be sure that you want to do that too. There can be CMs who get very territorial about "their" school. Or you might find you could've picked up more business from the school you were already going to. Have you promoted yourself there and asked if there are new starters from September who need you there?