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29-06-2012, 10:28 AM

I have a lady coming from Parenta on Tuesday. I was wondering if someone can give me some advice on what to expect and whether this is a good course to do?

I am really nervous as am unsure whether I will get the funding and if not what to do next.

Any advice on this would be appreciated.



29-06-2012, 11:14 AM
My OH is doing his level 2 with them. Was a little slow to start off with as they changed his assessor but hadnt told anyone so when new lady called we had no idea who she was and she had no idea that he had had another lady but once we sorted that its been okay.

great thing is with them is it can be done online but ask them to explain as they use another site (accordia or something like that) which has the work on but doesnt link with theres. Its all abit odd but once its explained its a good way of doing the course

He has to emails the work to the tutor and upload it to the accordia (what ever the sites called) website

The assesor will also come out a few times to do obs

I believe theres funding for level 2 & 3 still with them aswell but ask when you contact them

29-06-2012, 12:12 PM
Just finished my level 3 with full funding with Parenta, bit haphazard with assessors leaving/temporary assessors/new assessor but got there in the end (and well within the 6 month deadline)! Support by email was generally good but you need to be proactive and chase them up if things go quiet. The initial visit can be a bit hard sell and the sales person does not always know all the information so have your questions answered by an assessor over the phone, who really know what the course is about, and NOT the sales person (they just want you to sign on that dotted line!). I am just glad I got it done with full funding so no complaints!

Helen Dempster
29-06-2012, 03:30 PM
I did my level 3 with Parenta recently. Only complaint (if you can call it that) was I had trouble with assessors right at the start - put me back 2 months, as original one was sick and they still expected me to complete the course in the 6m time limit (so effectively they wanted me to do it in 4 months) :eeeek: But once that was sorted out and they sent me a new assessor, things were brilliant, the assessor was lovely, they marked my work really quickly, sent feedback etc. The course was funded here in Kent (I only had to pay £50 just to show I was committed).

Well worth it - they're not a bad company. Good luck.

29-06-2012, 07:46 PM
I'm doing my level 3 with Parenta at the moment. Highly recommend it.