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20-06-2012, 06:52 PM

I'm currently looking to start up a second business which will be Child Day Care. I am not registered with Social Work Departement etc as currently awaiting word back to find out how everything works. However Currently I have been looking to rent out either a flat or office suite which I will be looking to turn it into a Day Care where parents can drop their kids off to if they want to do abit of shopping and don't want to trail their kids about and for parents that work part time and cant get anyone to look after their kids.

Main question is, Can I register for Child Minding and hire someone to do the looking after the kids but do they need to be registered as a Child Minder too or could I do a disclosure check?



20-06-2012, 08:24 PM
This is the Ofsted fact sheet covering childcare on domestic premises -


If you buy premises which are not domestic then you are neither childminding nor codp - you are opening a nursery or creche business and there are different rules.

i suggest you ring Ofsted for advice - 0300 123 1231 :D